Met Fail, Fitwatch Win, lol

Here’s the latest list of websites republishing the piece which led to the fitwatch website being closed down by bungling police. Feel free to add more in the comments. Will try keep updated.

fitwatch on twitter

from fitwatch themselves! –

Bristol indymedia

UK indymedia

Scotland indymedia

Birmingham indymedia


Nothern indymedia

London indymedia

Fitwatch are on facebook at:

fitwatcher writes in The Guardian

(pic above from here)

9 responses to “Met Fail, Fitwatch Win, lol

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  2. What the PEOPLE need to start doing is detailing ALL THOSE corrupt and criminally negligent officers that are breaking the law.

    Databasing offenders and building a profile of the main officers who overstep their judicial boundaries and break the law in execution of their duties is not only completely legal, It is the next logical step in people TAKING back their communities from oppressive Zionist occupied Governments that we have today in the west.

    Copwatch… METwatch = photographing Police, videoing Police and detailing their information badge numbers and Creating Citizen Reports about offending officers is the way the people can make sure criminals in uniform are held to account.

    Police Internal affairs is a whitewash Dept. that conceals Official crimes.

    REMEMBER ** The Grasshoppers run scared when the ants realise they have the numbers.

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  4. Thanks Mate i owe you a pint at least..

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