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Stop the Fees Rise – protest at London Lib Dem conference– 4th December

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Protest outside London Lib Dem Conference – Saturday 4th December
Assemble 12noon
Haverstock School, Haverstock Hill, London NW3 2BQ
Nearest tube Chalk Farm

Before the General Election all Lib Dem MPs promised to vote against any attempt to increase tuition fees.

They now plan to break their promise. There is still time to make them keep their promise.

We are calling this peaceful protest outside the Lib Dem London Conference to demand that all London Lib Dem MPs vote against higher fees:
• Vince Cable
• Simon Hughes
• Sarah Teather
• Paul Burstow
• Tom Brake
• Edward Davey
• Lynne Featherstone

You can also write to your MP directly at – we have provided a model letter to get you started.

The vote on fees will be taking place within the next three weeks – this is a key opportunity to put pressure on the Lib Dems – please invite all your friends to this event.


Breaking News: Riot Police Storming Lewisham Council Meeting Now!

Latest from councillor shitbag: Protesters attempted to storm the Town Hall. We had to curtail the meeting. A flare was let off. Damage done to building.

Report below from London indymedia

At first, it seemed like a small turnout at the demo called by Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance (LACA). The police were expecting decent numbers, and were there to contain a repeat of what happened a couple of weeks ago when the protesters forced the meeting to adjourn. This time we were going to be in the public gallery with a maximum of 40 people.

As I was queueing up for the search and pat down, the 150/200 strong march from Goldsmiths arrived. Speeches were held and all seemed to be going according to time-worn liberal traditions, until a masked protester appeared on the roof of the Town Hall with a banner saying: ‘Commons not Cuts’. They were letting people in 5 by 5 and sending them up in the lift. When it was our turn the security guard said:

‘Believe me, I want to be here as much as you.’

‘No, you don’t understand, we do want to be here.’

As we are waiting in the lobby to be sent up, the crowd charges the door shouting: ‘Let us in!’. The door opens and police tumble in backwards, dancing with protesters. About 20 of us are in. The police scramble to push us out or detain us. I jump in to de-arrest someone and get punched in the face. The security guards are out of control. There are several bloody faces. The glass at the front of the building cracks from the commotion outside. Someone sets of a smoke bomb. We try and board the lift, but the police and guards yank us out. We are trapped in the lobby. CID arrive – it is stalemate – no one is going in or out for the time being. A second smoke bomb is set off and the fire alarm starts. The guards get rid of this one as well. The people from the gallery are sent down and yanked out of the stairwell – they either end up in our group or ejected through the front. The officers draw their batons and tasers – their pupils are dilated. We start shouting: ‘Don’t do what you did to Ian Tomlinson!’ That stops them in their tracks. We call out the numbers of the most violent ones. One by one we get shoved down the stairs and out the back. I get thrown backwards and break my fall by dragging a couple of cops down.

Once outside a group leaves singing: ‘Harry Roberts is our friend, is our friend, is our friend. Harry Roberts is our friend, he kills coppers.’ We make our way to the front, where riot police has arrived with shields, horses and dogs. About 10 vans have blocked the South Circular. ITV is there. There are more charges to the front door. I hear that the meeting has been adjourned. CID target one of the protesters and after attempt to stop them, manage to arrest him. The crowd slowly disperses. We hit the pub.

About an hour after the meeting was adjourned, the cuts vote took place behind closed doors (so much for democracy!). It was 36 for, 3 against, 11 abstentions. All Labour councillors voted in favour of the cuts, the Tory and Green councillors voted against, and the Lib Dems abstained. There is seamless progression from what happened outside Lewisham Town Hall to what happened inside. A council, whose members were elected to serve the people, totally betrayed them by acting on the orders of an unelected ConDem junta which has no legitimacy and even less, a mandate for the most vicious cuts we have seen this side of the 1930’s. The people gathered outside to protest and assert their right of witness. The answer was riot shields, horses, dogs and brutuality to bring home the will of the bond markets to municipal politics.

I Punched Somebody lol

Laughing boy here can be heard gloating about punching someone in this video. Towards the end of the video (at 9.13 but is worth watching in its entirity) he can be seen grinning to colleagues as he says “I punched somebody”.

With all the talk of violence versus non violence it’s worth remembering that it’s donut munchers like fatboy here who are the ones who turn up tooled up and looking for a fight. Perhaps he was bullied at school. Perhaps he was trying to finally get laid. Why else would a grown man, even an over-grown man, get such a kick out of hitting a kid.

The London Mob Is Back!

London is at last punching above it’s weight again and the youth have shown the way. The demonstrations last Wednesday showed the previous storming of Millbank was not just a flash in the pan. In fact it looks like things are just warming up.

It’s true that Wednesday’s march was good natured and largely peaceful as it left Trafalgar Square. It’s also true that the filth formed a line at Whitehall, abandoning a van in the process, and kettled many of the demonstrators before so much as a placard was ripped up and chucked at the cops.

More important though were London’s teenagers who weren’t prepared to be pushed around by police and fought fiercely to break through police lines more than once. This time many of the kids were masked up and organised. Anarchists may be blamed, and we were certainly there, but we can’t take the credit. This was our children rising up and saying will not tolerate a bunch of chinless twats smashing up our lives. Every last one of them deserves a fucking medal.

As ever the police couldn’t resist escalating a little property damage into broken bones and scared teenagers. For once though the kids gave as good as they got. Panicked coppers were still chasing the kids round the West End late into the evening as horses were repeatedly used in an attempt to disperse protesters.

Suddenly fighting the police was cool again. When police tried to form a second kettle with riot cops and horses, hundreds streamed over fences into an MOD building complex, jumping across ventilation units and fences to escape. Emergency alarms were heard ringing inside the buildings. The fuckers are scared.

Protests are set to continue this Tuesday, with thousands all around the country already signed up. Word is the school and university students were repeatedly cheered at Saturday’s Coalition of Resistance conference. A parents group has been set up on facebook to support them. Old fogies everywhere are heartened and organising. Even the Unions look like finally waking up.

One lesson learnt from Wednesday is that Whitehall is not the best place to end up. Another is to bring warm clothes, provisions and hard liquor just in case. Momentum is ours. Let’s have Cameron’s head on a spike by Crimbo.

Benefit for Simon Chapman and the Thessanoliki 4!

Nominate Our Class Heroes For A Big Society Award!

David Cameron today called for nominations for a Big Society award for people and organisations involved in “moving power away from central government and giving it to local communities and individuals.”

What a load of fucking shit he talks.  Far be it for us however to damage this brave attempt at public relations and here’s the nominations currently being considered at the void.

Ian Beale

Beale the Squeal, as he likes to be known, has given hours of his time as the economic powerhouse that is Albert Square.  With his tireless dedication to the caf’, the stall and the chippy, Beale has ensured that no-one in Walford has ever had to sign on.  True, he’s a fucking grass, a scab and a parasite on the lives of those around him but that should suit the Tories quite well.  The only downside is he doesn’t actually exist.  Which brings us onto …

Raoul Moat

The people’s choice Moaty gave the filth the run around and kept the nation entertained for days with his continued evasion of police.  His legend status was sadly tarnished however by a history of beating up girlfriends and generally being a bit of a knob.  This could all have been forgiven of course, if only he’d shot more coppers.  As it stands he turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, although he does lead us nicely into …


The nation’s favourite cheeky chappy brought a tear to the eyes with his fried chicken and lager mercy mission.  A top footie player to boot he could have been the one, but sadly he also suffers from a bit of a dodgy past and possibly an even dodgier future.  Good bloke to have on your side if you set out on a murderous rampage though and deserves a mention just for that.  But our nomination is going to …

The Millbank Rioters

Without a shadow of a doubt the Millbank protesters who not only trashed the Tory Headquarters but also gave hope to a nation deserve one of these prestigious awards.  With those that have least facing the biggest assault on their living standards in living memory they have set the course for a fightback that will be about more than standing in the rain listening to Tony Benn.   Let’s hope they keep it up this Wednesday.

So that’s our nomination sorted.  Also rans were Fitwatch for their continued humiliation of the Metropolitan Police, but we suspect they wouldn’t appreciate a nomination  The public school poisoner could’ve been a contender except it probably wasn’t a very good idea really and anyway he fucked it up.  Finally veteran anarchist, Class War founder and now political blogger Ian Bone is an obvious candidate.  It’s just we heard he already nominated himself.  Twice.

You can send your nominations to:

It would be a shame if they had their time wasted chasing up fictitious nominations.

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School’s Out Forever!

Or at least it will be if the fucking Tories get their way.  This week’s school walk outs and student protests will see tens, nay hundreds of thousands of school kids and students downing excercise books to protest at the upcoming cuts.

Occupations and mass demonstrations are expected every-fucking-where.  The National Union of Teachers have said it’s okay kids, we’re on your side. Everyone should show solidarity this week and get out on the streets with them, wherever they may be.  SOAS students couldn’t wait and are in occupation already.

In London things kick off with a Carnival of Resistance leaving the University of London Union at 11am.  This will head to Trafalgar Square where the walks-out will converge. Word is Trafalgar Square is just the meeting point so be ready to move quickly.  Direct Action is being called for, fuck being stewarded from A to B.   The fun is set to continue into the evening with a demonstration called outside Downing Street for 6pm.  Smaller demonstrations and actions are also likely in and around London and the Home Counties whilst some towns and cities could see huge protests.  You can find out what’s going on near you here.

Fitwatch have good advice as ever for all attending.

Pic above borrowed from this bloke.