You Don’t Know What You’re Doing … Now Child Benefit Plans Fall Apart

Plans for a cut in child benefit for higher earners were looking flakier than an aircraft free aircraft carrier today after it was revealed that there is currently no way of checking whether high earners had a partner claiming Child Benefit.

The problem is this: Child Benefit is currently administered by the DWP.  Tax is administered the HMRC.  They aren’t very good at talking to each other and the DWP has no access to the tax records.  So the DWP will continue to pay child benefit to all new mother’s, however the HMRC will then take the money away from those families containing a high rate tax payer  (and then give it back in the form of a Tory married couple tax break – but that’s another story).

So far quite complicated.  This is the reason for the anomaly whereby parents earning 70k between them get to keep Child Benefit, but parents with a single income of 45k lose it.  Not ideological, just a bodge.  The only way round it would be to completely integrate the DWP and HMRC’s systems and databases, allowing one agency to know exactly what benefits someone is claiming, what tax they are paying and their personal circumstances.  This is something previous governments have spent hundreds of millions failing to do and no doubt this one will do the same.

The problem is lots of parents aren’t married, or registered as married with the HMRC.  This means if an expectant mother fails to inform the HMRC about rich bloke then there is really no way they can find out.  It depends entirely on the honesty of the middle classes when it comes to tax affairs.  Perhaps this is the new optimism within the Tory Party.

Gideon Osborne is cross.  He says that penalties will be introduced for non-disclosure.  More forms, more fines, more cops, for a policy which, due to the conference climb-down, actually won’t save any money at all.  It will just move it round a bit at great expense.

The Treasury are unrepentant and talking about new legislation to ensure the well-heeled latte slurpers play ball.  Child Benefit for one kid is about £15 a week.  Will we really see an army of snoopers going through the affairs of the middle classes to save trivial amounts?  No, of course we fucking won’t, and this policy will almost certainly be dropped.  So whilst the poor lose their homes the rich get to keep their benefits.  Fucking scroungers.

It has often been said to never underestimate the stupidity of the police.  The same applies to governments, particularly ones staffed by a bunch of chinless wet cunts who’ve never done a days work in their life.  The real warning though is in assuming that this stupidity is a good thing.  It often ain’t.

The Housing Benefit cuts, the cuts to disability benefits and many of the rest of this daft plank of wannabe-policy are equally full of holes.  But the rich kids are carrying on regardless,  carrying out a completely different agenda to the one their Libdem lapdogs parrot nightly on the television.  This is about the demolition of the Welfare State at any cost.  These cuts are just the start, if we tolerate this then we will all be fucking next.

High earners face fines over child benefit declaration


One response to “You Don’t Know What You’re Doing … Now Child Benefit Plans Fall Apart

  1. where do I start……? A party I didn’t vote for, either of the coalition, fact/s I’ve been in gainful employment all my working life since the age of 16 years to present for 23 years apart from a small period of 3 months unemployment, a married mum of 3 kids who still works depsite her husband being a 40% tax payer and only just, It makes me spit that I after my 1st child I worked for 3 years with hardly any financial gain rather than play the benefits game – given that it cost me to work due to child care costs alone I did this from my 1st child being 6 months old, now the new incoming ‘ government ‘ have decided that just coz my husband is just over the 40% tax band that we have to declare to give up child benefit. yes it was our decision to have children, however it was always a decision that we took responsibly for and only spawned them once we thought we could give them a good future. I don’t live off the state or expect a handout, however raising the future generation and still working as a mum is a costly business and I always though it was a good gesture of the state to support us in this endeavour in a very small way through child benefit. I’m sorry if this makes me sound non PC but particularly I’m angry as one of those that have paid taxes all of our adult lives to date. I for one will ignore and protest activley against any letters, directives, threat of fines etc from the current ‘government’ or their lackies to end our own family unit’s child benefit for as long as I possibly can untill they realise how unworkable and unpopular their plans are. I hope others will join us in this.
    A party of toffs re-working social policy – the above is bad enough, thank the lorrrrrrrd (& our lucky stars) we haven’t been unfornunate enough to fall on hard times at present and don’t need ever so far in our lives to rely on housing benefit, jeez the current ‘government’ might make us move to eastern europe! I’m not joking, it may come to that. I’m with Boris and Polly, current proposals on the housing benefit cap are appauling unless the government make some form of proper social investment in social housing to clear out crap lardlords ahead of bringing the cap in, you never know if they had such vision they might even create some jobs in the interim too. All I can think of if I’m polite is cart before the horse re current policy on the proposed housing benefit cap.
    Funny isn’t it though re how many millionares are on the Tory front bench??!! i.e do they actually give a f**k for those of us that aren’t ion their social and financial league.

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