void top tips no. 2: slum landlords

Slum Landlords – worried that the new Housing Benefit caps might affect the bottom line?

Simply move move your property portfolio to areas where rents are currently very low then along with your parasite mates begin to drive the market up to the levels of the cap.

£400 quid a week for a shitty terrace in the arse end of Middleborough – lovely jubbly.

(alternatively simply register with the Local Authority as a provider of temporary accommodation for families.  This means when the families get kicked out of the overpriced flat you are provided you cam simply get them to register with the council as homeless* and rent them a  shithole for the same cash.)

* Local Authorities have a statutory duty to house families who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.  The rent for these properties is covered by Housing Benefit, not Local Housing Allowance and as such is not subject to any caps at all.  Most of the handful families in 2 grand a week mansions are being housed temporarily whilst the Council tries to find them a permanent property.  They will still be there after the caps are brought it.


8 responses to “void top tips no. 2: slum landlords

  1. The going rate rent allowance assessed for HB for a “shitty terrace in the arse end of Middleborough” (sic) is currently £240 per month.

  2. give it a few months and watch the market everywhere start to climb towards the caps

  3. That £240pm *is* the cap.

  4. £280 a week is the cap for a one bed flat.

  5. /removes from RSS reader


    Look Johhny, there’s not getting away from it – the cuts are popular with a lot of people. Look at the opinion polls, the Tories are doing OK now the suckers think that only the poor and disabled are going to be hit hard. This is what the retarded masses all voted for, remember?

    Fuck it, the morons made their bed, let them lie in it. Personally I hope as many of them as possible get made unemployed, then maybe they’ll learn what it is like to be down on their luck. Maybe then the great british Pubic will learn a bit of empathy for once instead of blaming people who are different or poor for their problems, though I very much doubt it.

    Bunch of fucking peasants the lot of them.

  7. While that is an interesting photograph, there are so many real slum buildings in cities all over the world, and especially in the USA.

    What does one do when one comes across a bad landlord or a slum building?

    Perhaps these tips might help:

    1. Document everything that happens, day, date, event, persons who are there, etc, names, dates, places. Keep your documents on paper and also scan them into your computer. Hold them in separate email accounts that you do not use for anything but that purpose. In cases where landlords have tried to get tenants’ evidences, those that have the items in email accounts and on disc at other places, keep their evidence safe from horrible landlords.
    2. Give copies to your lawyer or to your advisor.

    3. Get to your community centers. You may find a lawyer for free there or cheaper than anywhere else. Plus those lawyers are usually quite experienced in landlord /tenant cases.

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