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You Don’t Know What You’re Doing … Now Child Benefit Plans Fall Apart

Plans for a cut in child benefit for higher earners were looking flakier than an aircraft free aircraft carrier today after it was revealed that there is currently no way of checking whether high earners had a partner claiming Child Benefit.

The problem is this: Child Benefit is currently administered by the DWP.  Tax is administered the HMRC.  They aren’t very good at talking to each other and the DWP has no access to the tax records.  So the DWP will continue to pay child benefit to all new mother’s, however the HMRC will then take the money away from those families containing a high rate tax payer  (and then give it back in the form of a Tory married couple tax break – but that’s another story).

So far quite complicated.  This is the reason for the anomaly whereby parents earning 70k between them get to keep Child Benefit, but parents with a single income of 45k lose it.  Not ideological, just a bodge.  The only way round it would be to completely integrate the DWP and HMRC’s systems and databases, allowing one agency to know exactly what benefits someone is claiming, what tax they are paying and their personal circumstances.  This is something previous governments have spent hundreds of millions failing to do and no doubt this one will do the same.

The problem is lots of parents aren’t married, or registered as married with the HMRC.  This means if an expectant mother fails to inform the HMRC about rich bloke then there is really no way they can find out.  It depends entirely on the honesty of the middle classes when it comes to tax affairs.  Perhaps this is the new optimism within the Tory Party.

Gideon Osborne is cross.  He says that penalties will be introduced for non-disclosure.  More forms, more fines, more cops, for a policy which, due to the conference climb-down, actually won’t save any money at all.  It will just move it round a bit at great expense.

The Treasury are unrepentant and talking about new legislation to ensure the well-heeled latte slurpers play ball.  Child Benefit for one kid is about £15 a week.  Will we really see an army of snoopers going through the affairs of the middle classes to save trivial amounts?  No, of course we fucking won’t, and this policy will almost certainly be dropped.  So whilst the poor lose their homes the rich get to keep their benefits.  Fucking scroungers.

It has often been said to never underestimate the stupidity of the police.  The same applies to governments, particularly ones staffed by a bunch of chinless wet cunts who’ve never done a days work in their life.  The real warning though is in assuming that this stupidity is a good thing.  It often ain’t.

The Housing Benefit cuts, the cuts to disability benefits and many of the rest of this daft plank of wannabe-policy are equally full of holes.  But the rich kids are carrying on regardless,  carrying out a completely different agenda to the one their Libdem lapdogs parrot nightly on the television.  This is about the demolition of the Welfare State at any cost.  These cuts are just the start, if we tolerate this then we will all be fucking next.

High earners face fines over child benefit declaration


Vodafone Closures Spreading

People across the UK are are promising to close their local Vodafone store  on Saturday as anger over the cuts and Vodafone’s unpaid tax bill spreads.

In London a call out has been made for people to assemble at Speaker’s Corner at 11am on Saturday where people will form into groups and span out to close Vodafone down across the city.  Calls have also gone out in Brighton, Liverpool and Glasgow with many more cities expected to join in.

Visit: to find out more.

Meanwhile people have called for a boycott on the companies who wrote to the Telegraph supporting the Tory cunts.  Almost a thousand people so far have joined a facebook group calling for a boycott. Whether they will also face direct action along the lines of Vodaphone remain unclear.  Let’s fucking hope so.

Here’s a handy list of the companies concerned:

Marks & Spencers
Britvic – J20, Orange Juice etc..
SSL International – durex, Scholl feet products
Carphone Warehouse
Telecom Group
Microsoft UK
Glaxosmithkline (pharamaceutical healthcare, Lucozade)
Whitbread (Premier Inn, Beefeater, Table Table, Brewers Fayre, Taybarns, Costa Coffee)
BT Group
The Betting Group
Boots (clothes)
OCADO (Waitrose)
Fuller,Smith & Turner (Beers, Hotels & Inns)
Diageo (Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Baileys, J&B, Captain Morgan, Jose Guervo, Tanqueray, Red Stripe, Blossom Hill, Moet & Chandon, Gordons, Pimms, Archers..)
Veetee (rice)
Yell Group (international directories company)
Harvey Nichols (international luxury lifestyle stores)
Sage (bussiness software and services)
Dunelm Group (furniture)
Towergate (insurance)
Dhillon Group (restraunts and bars)
Arup (engineering, design, planning)
ARM Holdings (digital products)
Reed Elsevier (global publisher and information provider)
Tullow Oil
UMECO (managment to the aerospace and defence industries)
Prestbury Group (property investment company)
MITIE Group (outscoring and asset mangament company)
Hammerson (European Real Estate Company)
AVEVA (plant power and marine industries)
Immarsat (mobile satellite company)

When it comes to fucking over this bunch of tory vermin we really are all in it together.

Justice For Simon Chapman and the Thessaloniki 4!

The Thessaloniki 4 solidarity campaign group will hold a public meeting on 25 October 2010 at 7.30pm at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC) in Whitechapel, London E1.

Over a hundred people were arrested after a demonstration confronting the European Union summit, held in Thessaloniki in Greece in 2003. Seven people were imprisoned on remand and eventually began a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days.

With the constant worldwide solidarity of thousands of people, in direct action, in occupations, demonstrations, benefits and struggle, the seven prisoners were released on bail and the charges were dropped.

Years passed. After appeals from the Prosecutor, the charges were reinstated, and when the first trial took place in January 2008, the four were found guilty and sentenced to prison sentences between 5 and 8 years.

The solidarity campaign in London, in Greece and around the world was one of the most powerful – and effective – struggles for the freedom of prisoners we ever experienced.

Eight years after the original arrests, the remaining four accused face their final appeal trial in January 2011. All four, charged with serious offences such as riot, possession and causing explosions, possession of weapons and resisting arrest, face sentences of more than five years, even though they were all beaten up, fitted up and framed.

We will present the latest news on the case and some short films that show what happened in 2003, and what could happen next.
LARC is found at 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES – map here

Lots happening this weekend: a Radical Workers Bloc will be joining the Union’s anti-cuts march tomorrow morning and the Anarchist Bookfair is being held at Queen Mary’s University on the Mile End.  Monday sees the above meeting,  whilst on Tuesday a re-invigorated Mad Pride will be holding Public Executions in Hyde Park.

Protesting the Cuts? … expect a slap

This Smellie cunt was spotted back on public order duty at tonight’s Coalition of Resistance demonstration.  For those not in the know, the above is a picture of Delroy Smellie, who likes to slap women about.  All perfectly legal if you happen to be filth of course.

As to the demo, good turn out, lots of anger, bit confused but not a bad start.  France it weren’t, there’s work to be done.

London Fightback Begins – Wednesday 20th October!

It’s on folks, the first major Central London demo against the Tory scum currently infecting the city is on 20th October.  Anarchists, radicals, dissidents and people so narked off they could chuck stuff will be in attendance.  Look for anarchists, radicals, dissidents and people so narked off enough they could chuck stuff.

Bone’s got the flyer, meeting points are outside ULU, Malet Street at 4pm and Lincoln’s Inn fields at 5pm then onto Downing Street for six.  There’s a website and stuff here.

Then on Saturday 23rd it’s round two with the Trade Union March  promising a Radical Workers Bloc, meet at 11am outside the RMT head office to join the march and then onto Wetherspoons the Anarchist Bookfair also on Saturday at Queen Mary’s University, on the Mile End Road.

A few days later a re-invigorated Mad Pride will be holding public executions at Hyde Park Corner on Tuesday 26th October whilst all over London new groups are forming, allegiances being made and plots are being hatched.  Free London Listings are trying to keep track of local meetings, demonstrations and actions, send details of all ’em all to:

Here’s a obligatory link to an on topic facebook group.

void top tips no. 2: slum landlords

Slum Landlords – worried that the new Housing Benefit caps might affect the bottom line?

Simply move move your property portfolio to areas where rents are currently very low then along with your parasite mates begin to drive the market up to the levels of the cap.

£400 quid a week for a shitty terrace in the arse end of Middleborough – lovely jubbly.

(alternatively simply register with the Local Authority as a provider of temporary accommodation for families.  This means when the families get kicked out of the overpriced flat you are provided you cam simply get them to register with the council as homeless* and rent them a  shithole for the same cash.)

* Local Authorities have a statutory duty to house families who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.  The rent for these properties is covered by Housing Benefit, not Local Housing Allowance and as such is not subject to any caps at all.  Most of the handful families in 2 grand a week mansions are being housed temporarily whilst the Council tries to find them a permanent property.  They will still be there after the caps are brought it.

void top tips!

Get your austerity saving tips first on the void.  We’re the real money saving experts.  Here’s the first:

Benefits claimants, worried about the new £500 a week maximum limit for families?

Simply ‘split up’ and share the kids out then sit back and enjoy double bubble benefits!