Tories don’t like it up ’em … Hague May Quit!

Another artist's impression of how a gay Hague might look

The Evening sub-Standard are reporting that William Hague may quit over rumours concerning his sexuality. Whilst in his statement yesterday he was unequivocal in his Clintonesque denial of any gayness, the Standard today claims that ‘friends’ of Hague have revealed he may quit politics all together. Which given the source probably isn’t true. Shame.

Meanwhile his sexy assistant, 25 year old Chrsitopher Myers’ climb up the greasy political pole is well and truly shafted having resigned from his role as ‘Special’ Advisor with unnamed sources claiming he thought the job ‘sucked’.

Hague has been dodging rumours about his sexuality for years, ever since those halycon early Westminster days where he shared a flat in Gayfere Street with now openly gay MP Alan Duncan. Reportedly Duncan charged Hague a case of champagne a month in rent, which is quite simply fabulous.

Duncan was also given a job as an advisor to Hague as parliamentary political secretary, a post that had never existed before which sounds uncannily familiar. Duncan was also Hague’s Press Advisor, a job he was universally regarded as crap at, although he did help fend off the first wave of questions concerning Hague’s sexual preference.

It was not until Hague was replaced as Tory leader that Alan Duncan came out as gay, a decision that caused his career to freefall.

Meanwhile the right wing blogger who broke the story, Guido, is currently unrepentant even in the face of hostile flak from best buddy Iain Dale. Whether he can maintain this position will be a test of whether the self-proclaimed UK’s leading political blogger has the balls to stand up to his mates in the Tory Government. We said Guido would be over once the Tories got (sort of) elected, this is a chance to prove his detractors wrong. It’s not just Hague’s credibility on the line.

All sorts of daft liberals have been up in arms about this terrible abuse of the interweb with some claiming homophobia.  But this isn’t about whether Hague is gay or straight.  It isn’t even about whether he inproperly employed his 25 year old bedroom buddy, or his judgement in thoroughly fucking the whole saga up and turning it into front page news.  This is about the fact that William Hague is a cunt.  So fuck him.

William Hague Fingered in Gay Affair Scandal


4 responses to “Tories don’t like it up ’em … Hague May Quit!

  1. Clinton said “I never had sex with that woman.” Hague said”I never had a relationship with a man.” Do they have the same lawyer?

  2. William Hague is a GAY!? Probably bisexual/bi-curious.

    He tried it. Wasn’t for him. Can’t he put his hands up and admit it?! If you are in the public eye by choice (he is a politician so was elected after standing and campaigning…) you don’t have the right over privacy although I feel the press going over the top with it.

    It is the 21st century, I don’t care if he is giving and/or receiving dick… what I am bothered about is crap policies, crap Government and stealing/defrauding taxpayers’ money!

  3. Just stumbled across your website, iconaclastic, facile, scurrlious, I love it, I am now a regular reader.
    keep up the good work.

  4. It doesn’t surprise me. doesn’t anyone remember how homophobic he was when he was Tory fuhrer back in ’00?

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