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Simon Chapman Again Faces Greek Police Fit Up

Simon was amongst 29 protesters arrested during the protests against the EU summit in Thessaloniki in 2003. While the others were released, the seven were held on remand on charges of rioting, possession of explosives and resisting authorities. All 7 say that these charges are false. In Simon Chapman’s case, video and photographic evidence confirm that he was framed. The seven went on hungerstrike between 49 and 66 days in protest against the conditions of their arrest and imprisonment.

The London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group was formed in 2003 soon after the arrests at the EU summit demonstrations in Thessaloniki.


Statement of the London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group – September 19th, 2010 version.

The entire basis of the arrests in 2003, was and still remains, an arbitrary attack upon the demonstrations, where culpability was placed upon those that the Greek authorities sought to make examples of. From the beginning of the process of detention it was clear that evidence of guilt would not even be based upon recognition of legal facts or evidence but by association. In Thessaloniki during those days everyone was guilty, and for the Greek authorities, it was merely the case of charging those either unfortunate to be detained ( then beaten and tortured ) many of which coming from outside of Greece. The 7 which were detained, know as the Thessaloniki 7, consisted of 3 Greeks ( 2 of which were teenagers ), 2 Spanish, 1 Syrian and 1 British. In response to their continued incarceration, a hunger strike began in early September 2003, lasting 56 days and finally leading to the release of all 7 prisoners for humanitarian reasons. The embarrassment of negative publicity, along with the many solidarity demonstrations and actions throughout greece and the world, forced the hand of the Greek state in averting a greater problem of creating martyrs for a burgeoning movement. After the successful release and dropping of bail conditions for the 7, rumours of a re-emergence of the trials again began circulating. This time in late 2007 the initial confirmation for the start of a trial being 8th January 2008.

For this story continues. Simon Chapman from London, UK was found guilty of the following charges in 2008

• Culpable of repeated explosion from which there could result common danger for a human being
• Repeated construction of explosive bombs
• Possession of explosive bombs
• Distinguished riot/rebellion
• Distinguished cases of damages in confluence

He was then sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison in his absence, with others receiving 5 years, most either being found not guilty or guilty of lesser non-imprisonable charges. Since 2008 the trial has left a legacy with 5 outstanding appeals to the conviction and inflated prison sentences. These appeals – now reduced to 4 defendants after the outcome of an earlier appeal hearing of one of the defendants – again sees 3 of the 5 hunger strikers of 2003 appear in court including Simon Chapman.

At this stage, with just under a week left before the beginning of the trial (the trial begins on September 24th in Thessaloniki ) , the fact remains, that what we are fighting now is the same process of repression that we fought successfully in 2003. In Simon’s case especially, documented video and photo evidence clearly shows MAT riot police plant molotov cocktails in black bags and strap them to his body. Simon has maintained, and which photographic evidence illustrate, that he was carrying a light blue rack sack with nothing more than water bottles. This blatant attempt to artificial manufacture culpability remains a reflection of the nature of these trials.

We therefore express our solidarity to the 4 defendants facing the courts and prosecutors of the Greek state, and reaffirm our commitment to fight in solidarity with them.

Our commitment for the freedom of the Thessaloniki 4!

Solidarity and dignity against repression!

London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group – September 19th, 2010

For Contact Please email us at:   thessalonikisolidarity@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Keep an eye on London indymedia for updates.

More on this when we have it …


Honestly the last artist’s impression of how a gay Hague may look

Tories don’t like it up ’em … Hague May Quit!

Another artist's impression of how a gay Hague might look

The Evening sub-Standard are reporting that William Hague may quit over rumours concerning his sexuality. Whilst in his statement yesterday he was unequivocal in his Clintonesque denial of any gayness, the Standard today claims that ‘friends’ of Hague have revealed he may quit politics all together. Which given the source probably isn’t true. Shame.

Meanwhile his sexy assistant, 25 year old Chrsitopher Myers’ climb up the greasy political pole is well and truly shafted having resigned from his role as ‘Special’ Advisor with unnamed sources claiming he thought the job ‘sucked’.

Hague has been dodging rumours about his sexuality for years, ever since those halycon early Westminster days where he shared a flat in Gayfere Street with now openly gay MP Alan Duncan. Reportedly Duncan charged Hague a case of champagne a month in rent, which is quite simply fabulous.

Duncan was also given a job as an advisor to Hague as parliamentary political secretary, a post that had never existed before which sounds uncannily familiar. Duncan was also Hague’s Press Advisor, a job he was universally regarded as crap at, although he did help fend off the first wave of questions concerning Hague’s sexual preference.

It was not until Hague was replaced as Tory leader that Alan Duncan came out as gay, a decision that caused his career to freefall.

Meanwhile the right wing blogger who broke the story, Guido, is currently unrepentant even in the face of hostile flak from best buddy Iain Dale. Whether he can maintain this position will be a test of whether the self-proclaimed UK’s leading political blogger has the balls to stand up to his mates in the Tory Government. We said Guido would be over once the Tories got (sort of) elected, this is a chance to prove his detractors wrong. It’s not just Hague’s credibility on the line.

All sorts of daft liberals have been up in arms about this terrible abuse of the interweb with some claiming homophobia.  But this isn’t about whether Hague is gay or straight.  It isn’t even about whether he inproperly employed his 25 year old bedroom buddy, or his judgement in thoroughly fucking the whole saga up and turning it into front page news.  This is about the fact that William Hague is a cunt.  So fuck him.

William Hague Fingered in Gay Affair Scandal

Sunday Times Reduced to Spam

All is not well behind The Times Online’s pay wall if the latest attempts to gain readership for their grubby online operation are anything to go by.  The once mighty Sunday Times appears to have joined the legions of shonky Viagra peddlers and pyramid selling scam artists by embarking on a campaign to spam internet forums.

‘The Sunday Times’ recently registered on one of the UK’s most popular web forums and was so keen to discuss racism that they dragged up a year old thread to do so. Such an unlikely entrance is generally considered the result of an automated spam programme which registers on forums and spams them with links back to a host website, in this case The Sunday Times online.

Is this the beginning of an internet ‘black hat’ fightback from the Murdoch’s news giants in the face of plummeting readership of The Times Online after they foolishly decided to charge a quid to view it.

Or yet another sign of a sad and deluded old man who’s time has long passed and who no longer unerstands the world he’s living in?

You can ask them about it here.