William Hague Fingered in Gay Affair Scandal

An artist's impression of how a gay Hague may look.

The Telegraph is reporting that a top Government Minister is considering legal action after rumours began circulating of a clandestine gay affair at the heart of the Conservative administration.

It is not yet clear whether this action will take the form of a legal injunction preventing the Minister’s name being mentioned in the press or perhaps legal action against any publication which names the Minister.

This hasn’t stopped Tory blogger Guido amongst others from dropping heavy hints that the Minister in question is former Tory leader and married slaphead William Hague.  Hague has been notorious for his objection to legislation promoting gay rights as well as publicly supporting the homophobic old trout Phillipa Stroud who has a history of attempting to ‘cure’ people of their homosexuality.  Whether Stroud has managed to to cure Hague, and exactly how she went about it, are so far unclear.

the void cannot make any comment on these lurid allegations but reckon if true then Hague should swallow any thoughts of legal threats and stand up and take it like a man.  Early reports suggest Hague will only go down fighting if this reaches the front pages although we hear slip him a pint or 14 and the word is he’s pretty much anyones.

Until then anyone attempting to find out the truth the Minister’s true identity faces a long, uphill struggle if they expect them to open up anytime soon.  Hague so far has yet to comment, mostly because he reckons it’s rude to talk with your mouth full.

the void is mostly still enjoying a summer break, however as the opportunistic bastards we are we couldn’t resist this snippet.


17 responses to “William Hague Fingered in Gay Affair Scandal

  1. Hague has been an open secret for years – a friend of mine was at Oxford with him and said that the Union and the university Tories were in the grip of a gang of queers of whom WH was one of the most eggregious – not surprisingly as he was president of both at one time or other. I see from this morning’s papers that another minister has done a Portillo by taking the hit by announcing that he’s leaving his wife to explore his own homosexuality.

  2. Guido not a Tory but Libertarian. Great Hague pic.

  3. I admireWilliam Hague, and it never occured to me that he might be of the other persuasion. The photos in the newspaper this week made me thing again. He looks really gay. He is highly intelligent and I hope it doesnt affect his career. He married that attractive FFFFFFion, but where is she now and there are no children from that lovely relationship. I hope she wasnt just a screen to hide his lifestyle – that would be really sad.

  4. Olivia how can you tell if someone is Gay. You like all people gays are individuals and all look different. What a stupid comment !

  5. Ahh – that’s why he was such a homophobic fuck while he was Tory leader!

  6. Always remember: two f’s in “Ffion”, no f in children

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  8. To be fair I couldn’t care less what he does on Half Day closing but I do object to paying his friend’s wages

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  10. william should take the hit shot like a man from these rumours.
    he needs to nail the meaty nub of this accusation head on.
    force the perps out into the vauxhall night air.
    crush and reach around and root out all opposition.
    until exhausted he calls his sas boyz hit team to cleanse him and get him home to his beloved Katie Holmes sorry fffion.
    he clearly has not been getting any boy love lately cos he has been taking out all his anger on the mid east.

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  12. “William Hague Fingered…” LOL!

    Fact is that homosexuality has been legal since 1967, anti-gay monotheistic prejudice is discredited, and absolutely no-one in smart London circles thinks twice if someone is gay.

    It must be particularly sad, then, when a person who is clearly gay but hates themselves for it.

    Not that I have any sympathy for Hague: he has been spreading his self-hatred around this country for years, taking it out on the usual Tory hate-suspects, as well as the woman who has wasted half her life with him (Ffion, I mean, not his mother… ok her too.)

    Hague is a vile loathsome little Tory scum of a man, not because he is gay, but in spite of it.

  13. Meanwhile, Facebook are censoring this unoffensive image, which is hardly offensive, but might upset Hague:

  14. queer a fuck

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