Why Not Hang a Liberal From This Lamp Post

Until recently the Liberal Democrats were a bunch of do-gooding Ned Flanders types with bad haircuts, cheap suits and an unusual sideline in scat fetishes. Pricks, but limp pricks, by and large.

How times have changed now that a handful of the grubby little cunts think they have a grasp of power. Flushed with the heady scent of bullshit the merry band of Lib Dem MPs yesterday condemned their party to oblivion by voting through Gideon Osborne’s robbery of the poor and vulnerable.

Only two Lib Dem MPs showed any signs of human decency and voted against the budget.  Mike Hancock and Bob Russell both rebelled against the Oxbridge clique, perhaps not understanding that the Liberal tradition was always about providing soft cover for the brutalities of capitalism.  Cameron must be pissing himself with laughter.

Every Lib Dem activist, Councillor, MEP and member who does not immediately resign from the party is now culpable. Culpable of every sleeping bag in every shop doorway, every family evicted, every disabled person who’s health is made worse and every all too real tragic outcome of the upcoming onslaught on benefits. If this is liberalism give us the fucking Gulag.

With Leb Dem support withering away it’s time to condemn this shower of selfish, capitalist hypocrites to the dustbin along with Pol Pot, thalidomide and other fake friends to the workers.

Meanwhile Baldyman 2, Chris Grayling, is promising up to £3 billion in payments to povery pimps like A4e to bully and harrass the unemployed. With all Workfare schemes to be merged, A4e chief harridan Emma Harrison is reportedly ‘delighted’, saying it would cut time and the cost of bidding for many small contracts (roughly translated as “lol, more money for me”).

Benefit Claimants Fight Back

2 responses to “Why Not Hang a Liberal From This Lamp Post

  1. Ah the old designs are the best. Can’t get a rope around new-style skinny lamposts.

  2. I fear you’ve got it wrong my friend. They can do this and get away with it precisely because no-one gives a shit. In fact seeing people sleeping rough makes some folk feel good about not being in that situation themselves.

    I dunno what the answer is but I don’t think the left are part of the solution. The ones who got power just wasted it (and indeed are responsible for a lot of the cuts) and the extra-parliamentary left are totally out to lunch and obsessed with religion, the ME conflict and other trivia.

    I’ve always liked anarchists of your tradition, but class-struggle anarchism has been almost entirely supplanted by trendy middle-class soap dodger type anarchism and again is utterly irrelevent to most people’s lives.

    It’s time for something new. Wish I knew what it was though.

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