Housing Benefit Reform Set to Cause Mass Homelessness

Thousands of Londoners could be made homeless due to Gideon George’s attack on Housing Benefit.  The posh cunt who lives in the mansion above at our expense (when he’s not living at one of his other two houses) has decided to limit the rate of Housing Benefit which will be set at £400 for a four bedroom house and £250 for a one bed flat.

Ignoring the simple fact that soaring rents are inflicted by parasitic landlords and buy to let scum, Gideon intends to force many of those on benefit in London out of their homes.

Housing Benefit, or Local Housing Allowance (LHA) as it is now known, is based on the median market rate for a particular size property in the local area. This is usually way below the average rental, already forcing benefit claimants and those on low wages into poorer quality housing.  The LHA rate for central London for a four bedroom house is currently £1,000 a week.  As this property website shows, the average rent for such a property in the same area is often more than twice that.

So whilst £400 a week for a house may sound appealing on a craggy rock off the Isle of Skye the reality is that in Central London and further afield you just can’t rent a 4 bed property for £400.

In Camden for example the LHA rate is set at £1000 for properties in the central London area of the borough and £575 for those closer to the outskirts.  A one bed flat in central London is currently assessed as costing £350 a week, once again well outside of Osborne’s £250 a week cut off point.

Even in Tower Hamlets, hardly the land of milk and honey,  a four bedroom is house is currently assessed as costing £430 a week, leaving a thirty pound shortfall for claimants.  And all this is based on the fact that people only need four bedrooms.  For larger families the problems will be even more devastating.

This cuts will not just hit the unemployed.  Hundreds of thousands of low paid workers and pensioners also depend on Housing Benefit to pay their rent and will be forced to find extra money.  Along with the VAT hike and cuts in child benefit it seems the Tories are happy to put a penny in the cap of the poor whilst sending someone in through the back door to nick the telly.

The chinless twat didn’t say whether LHA changes would apply to existing claimants or new claimants only.  If applied across the board this could lead to mass homelessness amongst London families at a time when Local Authority housing stock is desperately inadequate.

If the reforms are only aimed at new claimants this will lead to benefit ghettoes on the outskirts of London with the unemployed and low waged forced out of Central London.  This will put yet more strain on those boroughs which do not have the resources of Kensington and Chelsea or Westminster.

This will go down a treat with the Notting Hill set and other assorted scum who will now only have to deal with the plebs when they are stepping over them in shop doorways.

We suspect that Osborne has picked these figures out of the air.  We’re not even sure that the Tories fully understand what Housing Benefit is.  Why would they, the closest they’ve come to living in rented property was fagging at Eton.

And throughout it all the lapdog Libdems sat nodding like the spineless, worthless, tory-wannabe cunts they are.

Benefit Claimants Fightback

59 responses to “Housing Benefit Reform Set to Cause Mass Homelessness

  1. Anybody have a clue when more light is going to be shed on this ? i’m shitting myself that i’m going to be homeless and don’t even know when that will be !!!! yes it does sound like a lot of money if your outside London but if you live here you know how much it costs to rent a place, plus the six weeks deposit that no one will ever get back . If your children are at school here , thats there lives fucked up if you have to get out …and them bastards dont care 😦 they just don’t want any of us benefit scrounging scum bags near them though do they !

  2. You’re right!

  3. Time for change!

    So you dont think it is fair that people who are working and paying taxes should only subsidise those who lives off benefits, to the tune of £400 a week max in Housing Benefit? Well I’m a benefits investigation officer and belive me the people that I interview on a regular basis should be discouraged from having children. Career benefit claimants who try to milk the system for every penny, have no respect for others and only understanding of the English language, is in swear words, may finally have to learn about personal responsibility! Not only rights, but responsibility! Only a small minority I hear you say. Nonsense, career benefit claimants make up about half of all claimants I would estimate and give the other half, who are only on benefits as a temporary measure, a bad name. Time to address the problem, as its the most unplesant, idle, obnoxious people, who dont have to pay for their own lifestyle, who have the most children and guess what the cycle starts again!

    • well, nice to know what benefit claimants investigators think of those they police you class traitor piece of scabby human scum

      half of housing benefit claimants are working or pensioners

      if as you say the other half are career claimants then you must be pretty shit at you’re job because you don’t seem to catch many of them

      the average housing benefit payment is less than £100 a week, these new limits will only hit people with very large families or those who live in central london boroughs – many of them working, cleaners, bin men and the like, the kind of people who clear up your shit but you seem to refuse to live next door to

    • Make Bankers Pay

      What about greedy landlords who make a killing out of homelessness by charging sky high rents via the housing benefits system! Should they not be targeted instead?!
      Plus any other money claimants get in benefits goes back into the system, enabling others to benefit in one way or another.

    • I wonder what your understanding of Anxiety and Depression disorders are… ME, so on and so forth. Lol. I wonder how many swear-words are due to the bad-advice given to such claimants.

  4. I do work and work hard, I have two jobs . I was married for 19 years and my children are aged 17 and 12 ..my husband died three years ago.But whatever I earn will never pay the sort of rent required. My daughter is studying her A levels at the moment and is doing really really well A grades so far , she wants to study law at kings college university,but no chance of that if we get threw out is there !!!! then again I shouldn’t of gave birth to her should I …..

  5. Apparently, after 2013 anyone who’s been on JSA over 12 months will have 10% cut off their housing benefit!

  6. that’s the plan, and given what they’re about to do to incapacity benefit claimants there’s going to be a lot of people unable to pay their rent

  7. Sorry, but, as a pensioner living in the lovely Welsh countryside also a supporter of the Labour party I cannot feel sorry for the folks in the capital of England who (heaven forbid) need to live in London and also expect the tax payer to fund their way of life, sorry folks but “there ain`t no such thing as a free lunch” so get off your backsides and have some dignity, pay your own way or move.

  8. does that include the pensioners and people in work who make up half of housing benefit claimants

    or perhaps you’ll be happy when the unemployed do move to your beautiful countryside saving the richest council tax payers in the country a fortune for which you will pick up the tab

    typical new labourite, you just cant help lining the pockets of the rich can you

  9. …you fucking scroungers. Have fewer kids, TVs, fags and booze.

    Just fuck off!

  10. nah we won’t fuck off

    you fuck with our homes then we’ll fuck with yours

  11. Listen up! Put your crap jewelry in a cash-4-gold envelope and you too can buy more fags, booze and TVs.

  12. On yer bike you soft southern smelly hippies.Plenty of Jobs up north.
    Any fool who thinks they can get away with scrounging off us is a nutter.
    Joe Bloggs (Big house in Cheshire)
    ha ha

    • cool, let’s all get on our bikes and move to hollyoaks land, that way your council tax can pay for the rise in unemployment and not the poor impoverished folk of kensington and chelsea

  13. Time for change!

    Listen if you dont think its reasonable that people on benefits with large family’s should find property’s that cost 400 pounds a week or less, then I wont be able to convince you. Maybe some of the children will have to share a bedroom, well you know what, that’s life! My 2 children have to share a bedroom, as me and my wife are not in a financial position to move to a bigger property. It’s called personal responsibility and sacrifice. It also makes you respect yourself, others and be grateful for what you have! I regularly investigate cases in London where mothers with with a number of children, all by different fathers are living in property’s that did cost £3,000 + a week in Housing Benefit. They have never worked and seem to think that a pathway in life is to have more children and reap the rewards. It may sound like tabloid rhetoric, but it’s true, it happens. I have total respect for those who are working and have to top up their rent payments with Housing Benefit, because of low income. These are not the people of concern. They will have respect and show respect for others and wont mind having to move to a 4 bedroom place if necessary that costs £400 a week! Yes, even if that means children having to share bedrooms. The main problem with the benefits system in the last generation, is that there is no incentive for people to work, as they are no better off if they do! Infact in most cases, they are worse off! This is the issue that needs addressing, to encourage people and provide an incentive to work. You have to make people better off in work, than claiming benefits and then you can start to address career claiming. It is unlikely that the pensioners you talk about will require 4 bedroom property’s, as most live alone, with a partner or with a carer.

    With regards me not dealing with career claimants as an investigator, it’s not fraud. The system has allowed it. I deal with benefit fraud. People having £50,000 in a bank account that dont declare it. People having property’s they dont declare. People working and not declaring it, amongst others.

    Anyway, interesting debate and try not to get personal, it only weakens your argument.

    • time for change, you’re either lying or you aren’t a benefit investigator

      otherwise you’d know that children are already required to share bedrooms if claiming housing benefit

  14. Yes, I am that pensioner living in the Welsh countryside in my little bungalow , four smallish bedrooms (couldn`t swing a cat in them) but it is all paid for by the fact that we worked hard for what we now own. I worked until I was 62 in the Health Service, not on a huge wage but did also have four children, never (fortunately) was out of work except when I had the small children, then money was really tight, and I mean tight, no t.v. no trips to the beach, no booze or cigs, grew lots of our own veg. etc., worrying times but have come through it all with dignity. There will always be better off financially and also some worse off. People have become very greedy and jealous. If you have your health, whats wrong with moving to an area where there is work, there are plenty of nice young English families that have moved to this area, and are enjoying it.

  15. Human Rights Advocate.

    As housing benefit is calculated using a monetary personal allowance which the law states is the minimum amount which an individual requires to live on; Osborne’s intent to reduce housing benefit by 10% for JSA claimants appears to be in breach of Articles 1, 2, 3, 12. 13 and 14 of the Human Rights Act. Therefore, I believe, any attempt to enforce the 10% reduction in housing benefit for JSA claimants is unlawful and subject to legal challenge.

  16. Sickofbritian

    They could just regulate and ensure everyone has access to affordable property – instead of letting buy to let and other parasitic landlords fleece the vulnerable and poor – but that would be to fair – I’m really starting to hate this country – revolution anyone ?

  17. Time for change!

    I am aware that children are required to share, depending on age. What I was referring to was those with 6 or more children who may have to share beyond this in order to live in 4 bedroom property’s so that rents can be met through benefit. Sorry, but those of us not on benefits, dont have that luxury, to decide. Our children have to make do with what we can afford.

    • but you fail to address the point that in most central London boroughs it is not possible to rent a property at the new capped rates

      if, as i presume you argue, that means people should move then what happens to the areas they move into. can those areasaccommoate a mass influx of unemployed families

      and as for the people on hb in work, what about them, what about the nurses, binmen, cleaners, who will be priced out of whole swathes of london

      you may like the idea of further entrenching economics ghettoes, but the bottem line is these plans are un thought-through and reveal the naivity and ignorance of how most people in this country really live at the heart of the new administration

      i see your dripping contempt and smears about the people you are paid to police, i find it truly sad, as a public sector worker who’s probably doing better than me, i would still get out on the streets to support your pay and working conditions

      you prefer to attack those with the least in the name of further lining the pockets of the rich

      at least we know whose side you’re on

    • fair comment.

      i keep myself “single” not due to any financially beneficial reason, but because i don’t want children. i don’t feel i can do it due to illness. it’s painful to say the least…

  18. No, Johnny Void, some people that have moved into the area actually work for less money than they were getting in places like “Guildford” but they have said the quality of life here for them and their children is far superior. Some have managed to scrape together and bought places and are in the process of reforming their homes. Some have diversified and become self employed smallholders, some have the knowledge to work from home on their computers.
    Not everyone wants to breath in the fumes of city life.

  19. Human Rights Advocate.

    @Mary: You are completely deluded in your belief people who live in urban poverty and have to claim housing benefit are at liberty to relocate to rural or provincial areas. Distinct from the issue of UNEMPLOYMENT as a consequence of relocation to such areas; there is the question of an absence of social housing in such areas and private landlords who are extremely reluctant to accept tenants who have to rely upon housing benefit to subsidise their rent. Do you not realise people who live in London do not choose to remain here and “breath in the fumes of city life” as you claim they do and, consequently, suffer the highest rates of morbidity and mortality in the U.K. but remain because they are trapped by poverty?

    I don’t think employment which pays minimum wage facilitates virtual employment. Ccccccc cvbvc

  20. What do you think we should do then?
    if the people in the country were honest and did not try and “rip off” both ends of the spectrum we possibly would be able to care for the really needy.
    I have seen abuse of grants and tax dodgers,
    benefit cheats (whilst working abroad) so get them sorted and maybe we would have a far better Britain.

  21. I thought the Conservatives were pledged to take benefits away from claimants who refused work. So what is the 10% cut in Housing Benefit levied against people unemployed for 12 months or more about? This is completely non-discriminatory and will affect both the feckless and innocent hard-working people like the sixty-year-old manual worker who worked for forty years continuously before being made redundant, visit his the Jobcentre daily and has done his (or her) best to secure employment but due to bad luck will need more than a year to re-enter the working population.

    The latter gentleman is completely innocent and should be supported until he find a new job not condemned and possibly even made homeless through no fault of his own.

    This is very, very bad and very, very unjust.

    Surely the LibDems won’t support it?

  22. I have to say I have only just learnt about this state of affairs through this website and I’m completely horrified. They can’t be serious about implementing these measures. It amounts to a full blown pogrom on poor, the working poor, the unemployed and disabled. There will be riots on the streets up and down the country if they push this through. At least, there better bloody well had be!!!

  23. I will fill every chamber of parliament with the blood of these ignorant toff noses should my mother be made homeless, given she is highly incapacitated; and that I cannot find a job with two degrees in law. The state kept us under the thumb, and now wants to throw us out onto the streets?

    Oh, there will be riots, and whilst that happens, MPs will swim in Parliament.

  24. I am a mature female just graduated university after a long slog dealing with health problems and housing problems. I am on benefit (scum as you like to call us). I have been on and off it due to my health problems. I was raised in poverty and abuse..not by choice! It is hard enough for those in poverty to get out of it & now it will get worse. This will affect people across the UK, not just in london!! I live in the SW where property prices are very high. I have moved all over the place to try and find an avenue out of poverty and politicians just push us down at every turn. On one hand they (The ones who were born with silver spoons in their mouths or who were fortunate enough to be born with parents who were supportive and caring!) complain about how much they cost the tax payer but then moan when we are given help!! You can’t have it both ways!! And I for one have often wondered why peolplw who work are on housing benefit but the answer is simple: this country is too expensive to live in thanks to the buy-to-let brigade, holiday homes brigade and the over zealous sellinig off of public services such as gas/elec/water/travel/not to mention the selling off of council homes !!! We NEED some control of services in society so that greedy companies don’t overcharge the public and look what has happened!! The fact remains that the whole infrasctructure and market structure will have to change to support any overhaul of the benefit structure. Each case of a benfit claimant is individual and not as described by the press!! I often hope that those who slag it off lose their jobs and see how much harder it is today to secure a job that will pay for your ways of life just so I can laugh at them as they grovel at the knee’s of the DSS!!

  25. Oh yes, just to add. I wil tell you why certain people have children in order to get homes/money: the SYSTEM promotes it!! I chose not to have kids as I do not have the mental capabilites to care for them and the world is overpopulated as it is! However, because of this rational choice. I can go homeless according to the council or live in over-prived private properties. I would only be a priority if I were a criminal, had children or were under the age of 24!! The system itself needs an overhaul to only reward those who make good tenants or who make rational choices and these could be those who work or those who cant work. The system needs to change but this does not mean taking the money away. If gvmt want to do that then I wonder what they are willing to give up in return!?

  26. Sorry for spelling errors, when I’m writing/thinking, the words jump ahead of me! oops!

  27. The tories created the high private rents by greatly diminishing council houses, therefore high rents isn’t the fault of the landlords but the tories themselves. The idea of people owning council houses may have seemed great but in actuality it was a terrible move, the next generation can’t afford to buy so they have no option to pay high private rentals. When I was young people either owned a home or had council home. Coming off benefits was much easier due to council housing.

    I am one of Mr Osbourne’s “lifestyle benefits people” or whatever he call us. I would work if it paid my bills and I was a bit better off. I have worked recently but I was worse off so decided to stop. I think a lot of will work if they were a bit better off. I apply for a lot of jobs, 90% don’t even reply to you. I have a computer science degree by the way. I’ve spent untold years on benefits and I got a degree in-between all that, so work that one out.

    Viva la revolution

    • i’ve got an anxiety disorder and a depressive disorder that hits randomly all week long. i seem normal, i look fine. this is a problem in it’s own right, yet alone the experience itself.

      i am frightened when i read what people’s general opinion of “us” are. i am frightened of being tarred with the same brush as the tenant’s super-T addicts are…

      i am in and out of work like a yo-yo. mainly because of my disorder. it doesn’t switch off on it’s own accord. it’s not a lifestyle choice…

  28. Oh yeah I will add. It is very hard to find a landlord/agent who accepts DSS as it is, I know from experience. Look what will happen when people are capped on housing benefit. The competition for the few “dss welcome” landlords will increase if there are people having to downsize and relocate. People will default on current contracts if they have to move to cheaper places and will lose deposits. I think hostals will fill up. I think crime will increase as people find a way to get by, benefit fraud will increase as people look for cash work.

    We had poll tax riots, do you think benefit riots are a possibility? I don’t think we a as united as in those days, which is a shame.

  29. I have already started to find serious flaws in the system: I have to leave the property I am currently in (£475pcm for a 1 bed place in SW) of which I have to pay towards that rent even though Im on income support. I need to learn to drive to get to available work in this area as public transport is crap: I can’t get help off the housing (As discussed previously) and I don’t have the funds to move to another property to you toffs out there…what am I supposed to do?? Oh yes, beg, steal and borrow…wise words from a DSS office secretary!! And yes, its alrady getting competitive out there. What chance have I got?

  30. why not kick all people out of low income houses who r ea rning loads of money and run two cars give them to honest hard working peole make them go in private rented they can afford thry r the winners

  31. comments on housing benefit reform

    good points you make: but as i’m a person whos been living in a flatshare at £400.00 a month struggling for most of my life never claiming benefits and paying my own way like an idiot, so that other f*****s have had flats paid for them, at my expense well above the £1000.00 a month level in london. I have no empathy for those on housing benefit either, though I do agree the previous and current government have done little to diminish property speculation in british culture in general, which has created the obscene rents and societal division issues we see in london, but seriously im sick of being bypassed and put upon by my culture to serve some other people, who live in this country with a false sense of entitlement, the only decent people, that this culture has been surviving off economically at all, who actually have right to claim the moral ground, are those who pay their way and put more back into the system than they take and arent earning above £20 per annum ? and arent exploitative multi-house owners or landlords, or people who delude themselves theyre entitled to claim at every turn and society owes them a free living.

    I’m sick and tired of going round peoples houses who are on benefits, whos kids never go spare for the latest clothes and shoes, who have panasonic viera televisons and consoles in every room. Benefits should be breadline and thats all, otherwise what incentive is there to do any work, when you can let foreign imported people labour instead of you, in the jobs we british should be doing ourselves. If those on benefits dont realise these cuts are try and save this country from perpetual budgetry economic life support and doom, we dont make enough money to pay for the benefit system as is realise this ! I swear also today there are more people claiming the most ludicrous disability allowances, for ailments that werent allowed to exist in the past, why have we become a nation of wet idiots ? I was born in the 70’s and though theyre were strikes crippling the country and more poverty than today, people werent as crap as they seem to be today, in their general outlook and behaviour ? and false sense of self entitlement. yes government has been appaliing in its decisions for the last 60 years, but that is no reason to give up on your culture, shite government or not, we need some unity here and sense of pulling your own weight. Trust if times get tougher, people will get tougher and in this country that might be no bad thing.

  32. 20k per annum excuse the few errors in the post above

  33. whinge somewhere else eh you pathetic creature

  34. Personally your pathetic statement would be better directed at those who though able, appear not to be able to support themselves !

  35. no it was aimed at people boring everyone senseless with a load of me me me daily mail tripe about horrible disabled people taking their money

  36. lol : daily mail readers tend to be comfortable suburban types who own their own houses ? are you sure you are the comfortable teenager, rebelling against some dailymail parents ? the truth as best we can find it, though not idiot captivating like an episode of xfactor, it maybe a little boring , but its the only thing we have to progress from, once you have achieved a state of anarchy, presuming you survive it ? what do you propose to do next ? I beleive in the students protesting, I want to tear down widening wealth gap, and make the multiple house owning property speculating crowd, pay for their selfishness, what do you want to do ?

  37. I just want you to go away

  38. Ariana Willaims

    Well: I hope Mr Johnny V. That you are never struck down with an illness that renders you incapabable of work. & also…you can’t keep living in the past!! We are not in the 70’s anymore!! There are less than 500’000 jobs available yet over 2.5 million without jobs!! Many private companies are using automation over over humans and many go abroad so that leaves many out of work. Then, to top it all off..we allow MORE people into the country and reward people for having kids whether they are poor people or wealthy!! And all this crap about us people on benefits being better of is shit!! I have just spent the last few days without heat in my home & with little food! I can’t afford winter clothes and I often get things given to me by other people or get them off ebay! Many people nowdays also buy things on credit hence why they can get big screen tv’s etc (Although I dont have one). There may be a few who take the piss…but then there are many, many wealthy and rich people who take the piss & no-one targets them!!
    Like I said..lets just hope nothing bad happens to you. Its easy to slag people off when you dont know the realities behind their existence until you fall flat on your face !!!!!Grrrrr……..

  39. Ariana Willaims

    BTW….it is also hard for people with long term health probs to get work as employees want productive robots, not people who could cost them more money….live in the REAL word!

  40. Ariana Willaims

    Sorry. My post was aimed at Ancient, not Johnny V. oops. My bad!

  41. Ariana Willaims

    & another thing Ancient: as you seem to lack the knowledge and intelligence on current affairs, I would like to point out that there are more people on benefits NOW because there are MORE people here than there was in the 70’s!!! AND, everyday,I hear of businesses closing down or reducing staff..including hospital staf, police etc. What will these people do? GO ON BENEFITS!! It’s easy to say support this shite government when you are not directly affected: but wait till you get hit in the bollocks with it…then you will change your tune! And…..if the gove wants US to cut back despite the fact we had very little in the first place….will they be willing to do the same?? I dont think so!! They should practice what they preach!

  42. well if u are hiv + or an asylum seeker u will get a new council house but if u born here and r british u dont get shit, fact this is true u may not like it but this is how life is so may be i should claim asylum lol

  43. perhaps you should, I hear zimbabwe’s nice


    firstly i wonder if mary and ancient voted tory, secondly yeah the investigator is right there are alot of scummy people who live to live on benfits. Thirdly i know because ive been stuck in hostels for 5 bloody years. Of which ive worked for the past 2 on minimum wage because if i go over i get evicted from the hostel and cant afford to pay rent, where ever i am, be it north south east or west.
    i didnt want to be on housing benefit, but my former landlord decided to move back into his property, thus fucking me over. Buy to let has destroyed the housing market. as it turned out i later found out that he was chatting out his arse, he found a lady that would pay £15 a week more than me, i lost my home of 3 years over £60 a evry 4 weeks (thats just how alot of the landlords in my part of essex prefered to be paid). So a hostel was my only option as i was priced of of the market. Or i guess i ws supposed to study and what? sleep in a doorway?.
    During my time in this shit hole i learnt a harsh lesson, once you’re in you’re screwed because getting out, means finding a resonable priced rented flat, and that dont ever happen. The right to a roof is a basic human right of any civilised country. id bet a dollar to a dime that folks like ancient are exactly that, ancient as in poorly educated so cannot get a decent job and have to live in a flat share for £400 a month, i mean how crap at life do u have to be to have spent most of it, in that situation. try improving urself and u might earn a bit more money and go live on ur own.
    So my mum is scum i guess because she was on benfit for a long time and had banging tvs and games consoles, but not for her, for me. because as i child i wanted stuff like every child does, and what these twats dont seem to realise is that all these goods are on HP designed purely for those on benfits ever heard of brighthouse. if u dont like seeing people like that,stop going to see them.
    As i said at the top of this there are alot of career claimaints but thats not their fault, its the governments. Education, is the answer, if we had a decent education system in this country there would be more people with actual qualifications, thus greater chances of gaing employment and making the money to not use HB.
    And yes ive seen with my own eyes the whole immagrant thing, in certain parts of london, and immagrant gets 200 points to bid with, just because of their country of birth, thus pushing everyone else back down. But againg education is the key, we are expected to have gained the skills to avoid a HB situation, but its not that cut and dried is it.
    I did a politic science dregree (1st) and an econmics degree (2/1, not happy with that i can tell you) so i catually know what im talking about. I currently work in the royal mail sorting office at mount pleasent, so im not getting the best use out of my qualifications, but then i didnt get them from eton or some crap like that. But one dya people like me form the HB families will eventually run this country (i’ll be like at least 60, am 31 now) and people like ancient and mary will eat thier words, with big bowls of humble pie. That ancient has really got to me i just wanna slap ancient with a rainbow trout, right across the muggy gits face.


    and just in case that twat returs to this site, the reason i work in a sorting office rather than at some shit hot company, is that i wanna do post grad and that cost money, and when i do it i wanna be living in my own place not this bloody hostel, im anywhere between 8 months and a year away from being able to pay a years rent in one go, and still pay for the post grad (first year, and as i wont have rent to pay i should be able to cover my second year with what i earn in my first, but i may have quit being a sorter, which is such a shame,lol), and im looking at around four grand a year for that privelege, but when completed i will get PAID!!

  46. The whole welfare reform proposals are wide of the mark and are unlikely to achieve their intented purpose

    The simple plain fact is that every government that has tried to curb welfare spending has simply ended up increasing it. If you turf people out of their council houses, they will just end up creating more expense on some other budget of government, like homeless persons, B&B, social services, the courts, police, schools etc

    All those right wingers who think, why should we pay taxes for “scum” like this, well because for some people it is actually best to leave them unemployed, since they’re very unlikely to get a job that they can hold down or find an employer that would be mad enough to employ them

    At least if they stay unemployed and have a roof over their head, they will do the most important thing for the economy – spend lots of benefit money that keeps the rest of us in a job

    Put them out on the streets and it will cost alot more money in the end

    Does that means it an easy life for these guys? No it does’nt. You try living on a basic level of income where most of the money goes on housing and other essential costs like electric and gas. Most of the well to do wouldn’t last on a rough council estate for more than 5 min – so live and let live

  47. i am disabled through no fault of my own the army i have a 2 bed house i need to use the 2nd bedroom 4/5 a week as my wife cannot sleep a full knight with my as i keep having to get out of bed to relive the pain i am in all the time so it will cost me a extra £10.50 a week to keep my life going the way i am used to also if i pay the £10.50 a week this will put me under the amount the government says i have to have to live on so in my opinion the government are breaking there own laws shame on you go on attack the people who cannot defend themselves as always cowards

  48. You make me laugh Fraud Investigator, my arse!! Dont you forget you are a Public Servant working for the people and if it weren’t for those claimants you talk about you wouldn’t have a job, you are the scum!! There’s a Human Rights Act 1998 for a reason, I suggest you go and read it, slave! You try to take the moral high ground because you have read misguided media which puts the poor in a bad light and take it as gospil. The Tories funded all that probganda to cause divides to make people turn on the poor so they could carry out policies which povertise the poor even more so they are constantly enshrined in those circumstances. Instead of blaming the poor for all the injustices in this world and why you get taxed go and educated yourself. The Queen is the biggest scrounger of them all alongside David Cameron and his chior boy Cabinet. All in this together, they should all be voluntary I wonder how long he would wont to be primister then I bet he wouldn’t be lining the riches pockets with a hundred grand payouts then. It isn’t the poor’s fault we are in this crisis it’s the greedy bankers and elites so start looking up!! Not one of them has gone to jail for the fraud they have committed or for corruption. They shouldn’t even be cutting benefits ,the minimium wage should be a living wage, there would be no need then for tax credits or housing benefits but they aren’t going to do that, just discriminate the poor the very people who keep them in their lifestyles. I’s about time people realised just how much their rights are being chipped away at everyday!! Here’s another thing as well you need to think about there is no jobs due the the rise of technology people aren’t needed as much as they were when factories were rife so guess what i am going to laugh myself to sleep every night when people like you have to go on benefits lets see how good life is to you and believe it will happen this crisis isn’t going to go away and people who look down their noises now dont think governement will leave use middle classes alone oh no. They will rifle all your pensions and every penny you have saved over your working life as the crisis deepens banks wont give you money, your wealth will be striped right back as they panic there’s no money, all your assessts will be declared as there’s and that’s what you will get for being a good little slave and when that happens and they are living lavish life styles just you remember “we are all in this together”!! ah isn’t that sweat. As for immigrants it’s just another divide while you are hating them it distracts you away from what governments doing, it aint immigrants or poor people destroying your life it’s them. It’s them selling you out daily!!

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