Kill The Jews March Fails To Spark

Ok folks before the fatwas start streaming through the letterbox and an angry mob of paper sellers and failed politicians turn up outside the front door let’s just get one thing clear. The IDF are cunts. The Israeli government are cunts. The attack on the blockage busting flotilla was the work of cunts. Netanyahu is a right cunt.

The Stop the War Coalition are also cunts. As ever they did their bit to prevent the storming of the Israeli embassy, mostly by plonking a great big stage, flanked by stewards and cops, right in front of the gates. The usual suspects, who were all very cross, mouthed their usual slogans calling for action, direct action and even being very cross indeed, whilst acting as the front-line of the high security operation protecting the embassy.

No change there then. One change though. The chant “Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea” was one of the dominant slogans of the march. Once the preserve of hardcore islamo-kids, this time out beardy students, middle-aged peace protester, trots and boho-chic trustafarians sporting the latest fair-trade keffiyeh were all apparantly keen to call for the extermination of Israeli jews.

The river in question is the Jordan river, the sea the Mediterranean. Take a look at a map. But what about Israel you may ask. What indeed. Anti-semitism was sadly abundant on the streets of London today.

Did we mention that the IDF are cunts?

We wonder whether they were really calling for the forced expulsion of Israel from the region or are they just stupid fuckwits?

Oh yeah, about the rest of the demo. Bit boring and pointless. Lots of anger early on, much dissipated by being subjected to dreary trot speeches at the start, then tramping 3 miles across town to hear more dreary trot speeches. Announcement of a new mass convoy heading to Palestine, which we fully support. Heckling of squaddies leaning out of a barracks window responded to with St George’s crosses and laughter. More terrace banter than anything. As mentioned large parts of the march riddled with anti-semitic chanting, even if hopefully naive rather than nasty. Felt a bit like marching with Hamas at times. Shit day all round. Not unexpected.


One response to “Kill The Jews March Fails To Spark

  1. I can just picture you there. Come down the sticks sometime, I’ll buy you a pint. Or just answer yer fucking phone. cunt.

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