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A4e Lose Details of 24,000 People

The organisation which closed Hull’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau against huge local opposition has lost the details of 24,000 people.

Action For Employment (A4e), best known for harrassing welfare claimants and immigrants, bidded against Citizen’s Advice to provide Legal Help at their new ‘Community Legal Advice Centre’ (CLAC) in Hull.

These centres are just like Citizen’s Advice Bureaus except Emma Harrison and her cronies get a cut of the cash that Local Authorities grant them.  The bid was successful and Hull’s Citizen’s Advice Centre closed. Pimms all round then.

Users of the new centre in Hull (and Leicester) have had personal details stolen including names, postcodes, dates of birth and any possible awards made by a court after an employee’s laptop was nicked in a domestic burglary.

It seem that A4e staff like to take their work home with them.

Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act states: Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss, destruction or damage to personal data.

Which we reckon doesn’t include letting employees wander round with the details of 34,000 people left lying on their laptops.

A4e have set up a helpline for people concerned about the data theft. It’s freephone so why not ring them and tell them what you think on 0808 156 6460.


Why Not Hang a Liberal From This Lamp Post

Until recently the Liberal Democrats were a bunch of do-gooding Ned Flanders types with bad haircuts, cheap suits and an unusual sideline in scat fetishes. Pricks, but limp pricks, by and large.

How times have changed now that a handful of the grubby little cunts think they have a grasp of power. Flushed with the heady scent of bullshit the merry band of Lib Dem MPs yesterday condemned their party to oblivion by voting through Gideon Osborne’s robbery of the poor and vulnerable.

Only two Lib Dem MPs showed any signs of human decency and voted against the budget.  Mike Hancock and Bob Russell both rebelled against the Oxbridge clique, perhaps not understanding that the Liberal tradition was always about providing soft cover for the brutalities of capitalism.  Cameron must be pissing himself with laughter.

Every Lib Dem activist, Councillor, MEP and member who does not immediately resign from the party is now culpable. Culpable of every sleeping bag in every shop doorway, every family evicted, every disabled person who’s health is made worse and every all too real tragic outcome of the upcoming onslaught on benefits. If this is liberalism give us the fucking Gulag.

With Leb Dem support withering away it’s time to condemn this shower of selfish, capitalist hypocrites to the dustbin along with Pol Pot, thalidomide and other fake friends to the workers.

Meanwhile Baldyman 2, Chris Grayling, is promising up to £3 billion in payments to povery pimps like A4e to bully and harrass the unemployed. With all Workfare schemes to be merged, A4e chief harridan Emma Harrison is reportedly ‘delighted’, saying it would cut time and the cost of bidding for many small contracts (roughly translated as “lol, more money for me”).

Benefit Claimants Fight Back

The Hidden Victims of Those Housing Benefit Reforms

Several months ago we published this piece outlining plans to scrap the £15 quid a week in cash that some people were getting on top of their Local Housing Allowance.

New Labourites, in their endless quest to teach the proles about freemarkets, decided that if you could find a property cheaper than the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate then you could pocket up to £15 of the difference. Then they decided that you wouldn’t be able to any more. It was estimated at the time that around 300,000 people were set to lose out.

So, after a bit of an outcry and with an election on the cards they decided that you still could. Then they lost the election.

So what happens now?

Well with LHA rates now being slashed to the 30th percentile it seems very likely that anyone who isn’t renting out a skip to live in will lose the cash. Whether the skip-dwellers get to hang onto any remaining payments is anyone’s guess. Osborne didn’t mention it and nowhere is it mentioned in the budget document. We assume that’s because the ignorant tory fuckwit doesn’t know about it. Gideon hasn’t done his homework. Again.

So it seems likely that up to 300,000 people on the lowest incomes could lose up to £15 a week. For those on Job Seekers allowance that is a cut of almost 20% in the cash they have to spend each week. The other groups that will be affected by this are pensioners, single parents and the disabled, which all sounds very familiar.

Whilst not as devastating as the other Housing Benefit cuts it’s worthy of mention particularly because all the fancy graphs being trailed in the press showing how much we’ll all be worse off have, like Osborne, almost certainly neglected to take this cut into account.

The only plus side to this whole shambles is that it is a shambles. Osborne and his chinless chums may have been wanking off over destroying the Welfare State since prep school, but this shower of shits ain’t no Thatcher and Tebbitt*. If Thatcher was the iron lady then Osborne is a soggy biscuit.

First one to make Cameron cry like a baby gets a free molotov.

We won’t pay for their crisis, but we will make them pay for ours.

* Disclaimer: Thatcher is a whithered old hag whose death cannot come soon enough and will be greeted by much rejoicing across the land. As for Tebbit, well he’s just a surplus cunt whose far from tragic demise will barely be noticed even amongst his own family.

Those Housing Benefit Reforms – it’s not just about unemployed Londoners

The new Housing Benefit reforms announced by Gideon George yesterday will not just affect Londoners or the unemployed. Whilst the new Local Housing Allowance (LHA) caps will make it impossible for people living on benefit to rent a private sector property in Central London, the rest of the country hasn’t been left out and can expect their own share of mass homelessness.

In the budget small print it has been announced that LHA rates will now be set at the 30th percentile of local rents as opposed to the median (50%)*. We still don’t know whether this will apply to new claimants only or whether people already claiming Housing Benefit will be affected.

Even if this only applies to new claimants then the impact could be devastating. The newly unemployed, who don’t think that much about market percentiles when renting a flat, could be forced out of their homes. And there’s going to be lots of newly unemployed.

Of course despite the howls of protests about scroungers from the ignorant tory right this won’t just affect the workless. About half of the 5 million or so people claiming Housing Benefit are either in work or pensioners.

It doesn’t end there. Also buried is the fine print of the budget document is the news that those who have been claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) for 12 months will see their Housing Benefit cut by 10% from April 2013. For a claimant in a modestly priced one bed flat, costing say £150, that will be an extra 15 quid a week. With JSA levels set at just over £65 this means a benefit cut, in real terms, of almost 25%!

So let’s say some poor bastard mistakenly took on a flat costing around the median of a local area and then happened to lose their job and were unable to find another after 12 months. Combined with the reduction of the LHA percentile rate and the 10% JSA cut this could leave people living on as little as five or six pounds a day. Take out essential and unavoidable costs such as heat, light and water and this figure could be as low as 2 or 3 pounds a day. Which isn’t enough to be able to eat .

With the news that single parents and huge numbers of people on Incapacity Benefit are set to be transferred to JSA then this could leave millions choosing between starvation or homelessness.

What we’re seeing here is the beginning of the real agenda, the end of the welfare state. That’s what happens when you let posh cunts run the country.

*This does not mean that LHA will be cut to 30% of current claims. It’s bad, but not quite that bad yet. It means that instead of setting LHA rates at 50% of the current property market rents they will be set at 30%. Imagine there are three flats to rent in a road. One costs £200, one £175 and one £150. Currently the LHA rate for the road would be £175. Under the new proposals that would be reduced to £165, meaning the person in the £175 flat will be forced to move or pay a tenner a week out of their benefit.

Join the facebook group to support the fight back

Housing Benefit Reform Set to Cause Mass Homelessness

Thousands of Londoners could be made homeless due to Gideon George’s attack on Housing Benefit.  The posh cunt who lives in the mansion above at our expense (when he’s not living at one of his other two houses) has decided to limit the rate of Housing Benefit which will be set at £400 for a four bedroom house and £250 for a one bed flat.

Ignoring the simple fact that soaring rents are inflicted by parasitic landlords and buy to let scum, Gideon intends to force many of those on benefit in London out of their homes.

Housing Benefit, or Local Housing Allowance (LHA) as it is now known, is based on the median market rate for a particular size property in the local area. This is usually way below the average rental, already forcing benefit claimants and those on low wages into poorer quality housing.  The LHA rate for central London for a four bedroom house is currently £1,000 a week.  As this property website shows, the average rent for such a property in the same area is often more than twice that.

So whilst £400 a week for a house may sound appealing on a craggy rock off the Isle of Skye the reality is that in Central London and further afield you just can’t rent a 4 bed property for £400.

In Camden for example the LHA rate is set at £1000 for properties in the central London area of the borough and £575 for those closer to the outskirts.  A one bed flat in central London is currently assessed as costing £350 a week, once again well outside of Osborne’s £250 a week cut off point.

Even in Tower Hamlets, hardly the land of milk and honey,  a four bedroom is house is currently assessed as costing £430 a week, leaving a thirty pound shortfall for claimants.  And all this is based on the fact that people only need four bedrooms.  For larger families the problems will be even more devastating.

This cuts will not just hit the unemployed.  Hundreds of thousands of low paid workers and pensioners also depend on Housing Benefit to pay their rent and will be forced to find extra money.  Along with the VAT hike and cuts in child benefit it seems the Tories are happy to put a penny in the cap of the poor whilst sending someone in through the back door to nick the telly.

The chinless twat didn’t say whether LHA changes would apply to existing claimants or new claimants only.  If applied across the board this could lead to mass homelessness amongst London families at a time when Local Authority housing stock is desperately inadequate.

If the reforms are only aimed at new claimants this will lead to benefit ghettoes on the outskirts of London with the unemployed and low waged forced out of Central London.  This will put yet more strain on those boroughs which do not have the resources of Kensington and Chelsea or Westminster.

This will go down a treat with the Notting Hill set and other assorted scum who will now only have to deal with the plebs when they are stepping over them in shop doorways.

We suspect that Osborne has picked these figures out of the air.  We’re not even sure that the Tories fully understand what Housing Benefit is.  Why would they, the closest they’ve come to living in rented property was fagging at Eton.

And throughout it all the lapdog Libdems sat nodding like the spineless, worthless, tory-wannabe cunts they are.

Benefit Claimants Fightback

Tory Scum Show True Colours

Child benefit cut

Housing benefit reform set to cause homelessness

Single mums forced to work

DLA Claimants to be re-assessed, presumably Atos Origin style

But corporation tax is coming down.

Chin chin.

Benefit Claimants Fight Back

(don’t get excited, it’s just a facebook group, but it could be a start)

BP get slick …