Psycho Christians Attack the Homeless!

Reports are coming in that a bunch of armed, Christian bastards are to face eternal damnation after violently and illegally attacking a group of homeless folk at a squat in Islington.

According to indymedia:

“On Saturday the 29th of May, at 5am around 40 church congregation members broke into the old Carlton Cinema on Essex Road, where a group of around 10 squatters were living. The cinema is owned by Resurrection Manifestation, an evangelical church currently based in Enfield.*

The church members, some with their own weapons such as hammers and others picking up anything they could find on the floor woke the occupants up screaming “leave now!” One man was woken up by a strip light being smashed in his face. Another man got glass in his eye from a church member affronting him with a broken bottle. “They sprayed fire extinguishers in our faces and grabbed us by our clothes and threw us around,” said one person living in the cinema.”

The squat had been occupied by mostly meek arty-types for just over a month, and was due to face an eviction hearing on June 18. It seems the nutty Christians couldn’t wait and decided to take the law into their own hands and smite the dirty heretics.

Illegal eviction is a criminal offence punishable by up to six months inside. What God would make of it is anyone’s guess, but even Saul, who was himself a bit of a twat, said:

“If someone has done you wrong, do not repay him with a wrong. Try to do what everyone considers to be good. Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody. Never take revenge, instead let God’s anger do it. If your enemies are hungry, feed them. Do not let evil defeat you; instead, conquer evil with good.”

Failing that turn up mob handed in the middle of the night and give the cunts a good kicking.

Resurrection Manifestation appear to be an offshoot of the Resurrection Power Evangelical Ministry, an American outfit dedicated to spreading the Good Lord’s Word. In Islington they plan to do this by turning a much loved building into luxury flats.

The UK branch of the Ministry runs a charity which in 2008 spent a whopping £1 million pounds. According to their charitable return none of this was spent on Charitable Activities but was all spent on generating voluntary income. Half a million of this was donated to another charity, the aforementioned Resurrection Manifestations, which whom it shares three trustees.

It was this cash that was used to buy the old Mecca Hall on Essex Road in Islington. It’s difficult to say much more about this bunch of God botherers because their accounts and annual charity return are currently 211 days overdue.

As the squatters themselves have said, do Islington residents really want batshit fruitcakes like these next door who carrying out ‘crazed violence in the name of the lord’. Whilst the consultation period has closed, planning permission for the flats has yet to be granted – contact Islington Council to have a possibly belated whinge on 0207 527 3506 or

*As far as we can tell Resurrection Manifestation are based at 100 Amhurst Road, Stamford Hill, N16.


7 responses to “Psycho Christians Attack the Homeless!

  1. “…an American outfit dedicated to spreading the Good Lord’s Word. In Islington they plan to do this by turning a much loved building into luxury flats.”


  2. I live next door to this building and would prefer the squatters as neighbours than a weird church that evidently resorts to violence to achieve it’s goals.

    I was away at the weekend, so didn’t witness the eviction, but returned home yesterday to see the heavy mob and a sign reading ‘protection through occupation’. I found this article through google as I suspected some foul play.

    I don’t think this is the first time they tried a forceful eviction though? I saw the police having to explain the law to a couple of big, angry guys from the church last month.

    I hope this bunch of criminal bastards have been reported.

  3. I used to live here, went to Ireland for two weeks to see my father who is in hospital and returned to find I am homeless. Luckily I know a couple of people who have been kind enough to let me stay with them a few nights so far. There’s a protest tomorrow (Sunday 6th June) down in front of their church if people want to help in solidarity. I’ll be there along with everything I own.

  4. I also live next door – Although I heard of this after the event (I also was away that weekend), I can say that the squatters were so little trouble that I had no bloody idea they were even there!
    I’d have said hello to them if I had.
    Does this mean that since I objected to the planning permission for the flats I will also be visited by baseball bat wielding thugs?
    The flats thing is clearly nothing other than a transparent fund raising exercise for this dubious “Church”, and no I am NOT happy about it.
    The council, despite intending to refuse permission, left it too late – so the plans are now under appeal for “non-determination” 😦

  5. Sounds iffy, the report I mean I just pulled this 10 year plan off the church website (see below) and it makes me wonder if people who obviously believe that helping people is a big part of being a follower of Christ would act like a bunch of football thugs and by such actions completely contradict their own mission statement. It would nice to see someone contacting the church for a comment before taking sides, it seems that some kind of bias : Quote “Christian bastards” is at work here, i grew up around there and there were plenty of people who would have described the squatters as “as dirty lazy hippy bastards” or similar, which lets faceit is just as low brow as your comment . If the events really did go down the way you describe what proof is there that it was a church action and not just hooligans? And if was church people I would like to know whose authority they were operating under? I seriously doubt it was condoned by anyone on staff. After all you reported the accused “broke” into the building, surly the owners of the building would have keys?

    10 Year Master Plan
    Complete our multi – million pound sterling church in Essex Road
    Open a centre for exploited and abused children
    Build a senior citizen’s housing complex
    Create a Prison Library Project
    Provide a 24 hour crisis Telephone Counselling centre
    Supply audio digital scripture material to Asia
    Expand into TV and Radio
    Be a church home for all people, of every race, creed and national origin
    Pursue personal holiness, intergrity and Christ like character
    Effectively minister to the sheep and lambs of Resuurection Manifestation

    Sound like a bunch of thugs to you?

  6. PS I have no connection with the church in fact I’d never heard of them until reading your report, It’s just I prefer unbiased reporting, it’s the difference between being informed and fair and being mob fodder.

  7. wow. I like your site(only been here 10 minutes or so, but… jist wanted to send you a link for this FUCKING PSYCHOS website. its just ALL KINDS OF TYPICAL,DELUSIONAL CHRISTIAN BABBLE. the site is laid out like an overcrowded highschool newsletter or something!!!
    it called “ . heres the link.
    Tyler Pan

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