Talking About Cannabis are so over and we’re so over them

With a bunch of Oxbridge toffs currently positioning themselves for naked class war the rantings of Debra Woodbridge aka Bell seem somewhat trivial. Added to this is her and son William/Oliver’s increasingly bizarre attempts to rake in cash which reek of the last, desperate gestures of an increasingly doomed project.

William’s even reduced to whoring himself out in a heroin chic photoshoot, with rights to the pictures available for the price of a cup of tea. Meanwhile they’ve garishly redesigned their website which is now covered in ads for diet pills and online gambling. Classy. The bored and malevolant may be interested in the fact they now have a forum, although we suspect it is likely to be heavily moderated should it ever extend to beyond one post.

So with heavy heart we’ve decided that we’re not in the business of kicking corpses and will be ignoring the old clown and her errant offspring for the time being. Should the corpse start to twitch however, we will be back. One thing does remain to be cleared up, which are the rumours that Oliver Woodbridge, aka William Bell, is employed by Government website FRANK. This rumours seems to have surfaced due to the claims made by the publishers of Debra’s book (currently reduced and getting slated on amazon) who say that Oliver is a spokesperson for the Government drugs support agency ‘FRANK’.

Pretty unequivocal, and not at all true. We contacted FRANK to find out the score … “In answer to your question. Oliver Woodbridge* was asked by the FRANK team to act as a case study, not spokesperson, when we launched our ‘Brancrashers’ TV advertising campaign. We do not hold Oliver among our list of approved FRANK spokespeople and it would appear that the either Debra Bell or her publishers have misinterpreted the roll Oliver played for us. We have asked that reference to being a ‘spokesperson’ be removed and currently have no plans to reuse Oliver as a case study to support the FRANK campaign.” *as an amusing aside note how easily and casually FRANK (who are run by the Home Office) out William Bell as Oliver Woodbridge. You can’t trust government’s folks. (nothing to do with us, but a site has appeared called which may be of interest)


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