Tory Scum

There’s always one who drags you back …

Odious cunt Nick Clegg has condemned the country to Tory misrule by climbing up Cameron’s arsehole to blag a plush job.

The chinless twat, obviously dazzled by a handful of trinkets has blown the one chance the Lib Dems were ever likely to have of electoral reform, preferring instead to be yet another faceless public school cunt preaching at the rest of us.

If proof were ever needed that they’re all a bunch of cunts whatever party they represent, Clegg has sold out his entire party membership. Any Lib Dem with a shred of credibility should immediately resign their membership and get down to Parliament Square on Saturday at 2pm on Saturday and at the very least let the dappy cunt know what he’s done … to his Party, to his country and to any sort of progressive, modern or dare we even say, liberal consensus.

No doubt cunts like Simon Hughes and Vince Cable will join him in the gravy train, shitting on the poor in the hope of a hand job from a bunch of fucking Etonians.

Meanwhile, the much maligned democracy peace camp will ge having some Guerilla Gardening outside Parliament on Saturday

This is the first opportunity for all with a shred of decency to get out on the streets and demand that this bunch of cunts be immediately dragged out of office and their limp, lifeless bodies dumped in the Thames.

Did we mention that Nick Clegg is a cunt.


8 responses to “Tory Scum

  1. Nick Loves Dave

    Vote LibDems, get Tories.

  2. Tories= EVIL.
    DELIVER US INTO EVIL. f@@k us large poor families. thanks for that

  3. Nick(not clegg)

    clegg is a centre-right ball licker. glad I went with labour this time

  4. rob bob mc corn on the cob

    i’m a toryand i suck BALLS

  5. Oh wow! You used the word ‘cunt’ multiple times! You must be EDGY.

  6. Hello Mr Hulme you must be a ‘paddy’ juding by your last name. FUCK OFF YOU CUNT.

  7. Nick Clegg is a spoilt child who played politics then was surprised when he found power. When he’s finished playing with his toys he will go back to his play room and weewee, while everyone else has to pick up their lives.

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