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Psycho Christians Attack the Homeless!

Reports are coming in that a bunch of armed, Christian bastards are to face eternal damnation after violently and illegally attacking a group of homeless folk at a squat in Islington.

According to indymedia:

“On Saturday the 29th of May, at 5am around 40 church congregation members broke into the old Carlton Cinema on Essex Road, where a group of around 10 squatters were living. The cinema is owned by Resurrection Manifestation, an evangelical church currently based in Enfield.*

The church members, some with their own weapons such as hammers and others picking up anything they could find on the floor woke the occupants up screaming “leave now!” One man was woken up by a strip light being smashed in his face. Another man got glass in his eye from a church member affronting him with a broken bottle. “They sprayed fire extinguishers in our faces and grabbed us by our clothes and threw us around,” said one person living in the cinema.”

The squat had been occupied by mostly meek arty-types for just over a month, and was due to face an eviction hearing on June 18. It seems the nutty Christians couldn’t wait and decided to take the law into their own hands and smite the dirty heretics.

Illegal eviction is a criminal offence punishable by up to six months inside. What God would make of it is anyone’s guess, but even Saul, who was himself a bit of a twat, said:

“If someone has done you wrong, do not repay him with a wrong. Try to do what everyone considers to be good. Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody. Never take revenge, instead let God’s anger do it. If your enemies are hungry, feed them. Do not let evil defeat you; instead, conquer evil with good.”

Failing that turn up mob handed in the middle of the night and give the cunts a good kicking.

Resurrection Manifestation appear to be an offshoot of the Resurrection Power Evangelical Ministry, an American outfit dedicated to spreading the Good Lord’s Word. In Islington they plan to do this by turning a much loved building into luxury flats.

The UK branch of the Ministry runs a charity which in 2008 spent a whopping £1 million pounds. According to their charitable return none of this was spent on Charitable Activities but was all spent on generating voluntary income. Half a million of this was donated to another charity, the aforementioned Resurrection Manifestations, which whom it shares three trustees.

It was this cash that was used to buy the old Mecca Hall on Essex Road in Islington. It’s difficult to say much more about this bunch of God botherers because their accounts and annual charity return are currently 211 days overdue.

As the squatters themselves have said, do Islington residents really want batshit fruitcakes like these next door who carrying out ‘crazed violence in the name of the lord’. Whilst the consultation period has closed, planning permission for the flats has yet to be granted – contact Islington Council to have a possibly belated whinge on 0207 527 3506 or

*As far as we can tell Resurrection Manifestation are based at 100 Amhurst Road, Stamford Hill, N16.


Atos Origin Don’t Give a Toss for the Sick

With Iain Duncan-Smith yesterday announcing the Tories plans to fuck the Welfare State we’ll be taking a closer look at exactly what that means.

Whilst short on details, Baldyman did state that everyone on Incapacity Benefit will be re-tested in an effort to prove that benefit claimants are lying, scrounging bastards. That’s almost two million people who will be subject to a stressful and demeaning ordeal by faceless NHS scabs who think they can determine someone’s ability to work in 20 minutes.

One group of poverty pimps will be rubbing their filthy hands with glee. Wherever you find human misery you can usually find some odious cunts attempting to make a quick buck and in the case the odious cunts are called Atos Origin.

Atos Origin were given the contract to run the new assessments for Employment Support Allowance. It is claimed assessments tests are to test what people can do rather than what they can’t. The real purpose is to strip benefits from as many people as possible.

The new tests will either place people into the ‘Support Group’ who will receive full benefit unimpeded (for now), be referred for benefit conditional on ‘Work Related Activity’ or be forced to sign on for Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). Claimants on JSA are expected to prove they are actively seeking work, will receive less benefit and may be farmed out to the likes of A4E to act as unpaid labour for companies too tight to pay their staff the minimum wage.

To date only 9% of people have been placed in the Support Group with 69% refused ESA and declared fit for work.

Many of these people have severe disabilities, mental health problems or chronic physical health problems which massively limit the type of work they are able to do, if they are really able to work at all.

Perhaps in a perfect world there would be jobs tailored to people’s disabilities, work-based counsellors and sympathetic employers to support people with mental health difficulties back to work. Perhaps one day we will see employers with flexible working practices allowing folk to take time off on the ‘bad days’ when their condition makes work impossible.

Sadly the world is far from fucking perfect and unemployment is approaching two million people.

So far 40% of those who have been found fit for work and appealed have been successful. That’s 40% of claimants who will have faced the possibility of homelessness and poverty for up to eight months, whilst the lengthy and expensive appeals process takes it’s course.

As one person recently said on this Consumer Action forum
after being forced into the appeals system:

“The irony is that I have just been given a diet for my condition from my doctor, there is no way I can buy these foods.”

Citizen’s Advice have just released a report called ‘Not Working’ (pdf) after a 40 per cent increase in the number of people approaching them for help with sickness benefits. One of their cases summarised below:

“A bureau in the Midlands saw a client who had a genetic kidney disorder and who had had one kidney and part of the other kidney removed. She also had sciatica and spondylosis. She was found not to have limited capability for work. She has since been told that her condition may be terminal.”

This story is far from unusual and we’ll be featuring much more about these tests and their unwitting victims over the next few weeks. If you’ve had an ugly experience with Atos Origin please contact us at:

Atos Origin also carry out assessments for DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) staff. Take the case of ME sufferer Vikki Bell. According to a BBC Scotland report she was dismissed from her DWP desk job after an Atos assessment concluded she was too ill for the role, and was unlikely to return in the foreseeable future.

The same Vikki Bell who was later told when applying for Employment Support Allowance (ESA) that she was fit to work and did not qualify for the benefit. And who carried out this assessment. Atos Origin, the same bunch of bastards who had her sacked in the first place.

Atos Origin like unemployment as much as they like fucking the unemployed. On the front page of their website they link to a document entitled ‘New Era for the Public Sector’. This is essentially a sales pitch for their consultancy where they:

“have a team of Organisation and HR professionals who undertake the analysis, design and execution of the headcount reduction.”


Atos Origin’s head office is at Triton Square, Regent’s Place, London and they have regional offices around the country which can be found here.

We ain’t leaving these bastards alone.

Dead police, we love to bury you …

… some scally informs us is what the above sign was amended to read after a visit from the real London mob. Shocking behaviour.

The Democracy Village, so far, are continuing the occupation of Parliament Square. The floppy haired chinless twat has vowed that they will be evicted. Tweedledumb and Tweedledick don’t know what to do. The filth smell blood.

Brian Haw’s pissed off and got nicked again. The hippies are arguing amongst themselves. The Queen is not amused.

We fucking are though.

Talking About Cannabis are so over and we’re so over them

With a bunch of Oxbridge toffs currently positioning themselves for naked class war the rantings of Debra Woodbridge aka Bell seem somewhat trivial. Added to this is her and son William/Oliver’s increasingly bizarre attempts to rake in cash which reek of the last, desperate gestures of an increasingly doomed project.

William’s even reduced to whoring himself out in a heroin chic photoshoot, with rights to the pictures available for the price of a cup of tea. Meanwhile they’ve garishly redesigned their website which is now covered in ads for diet pills and online gambling. Classy. The bored and malevolant may be interested in the fact they now have a forum, although we suspect it is likely to be heavily moderated should it ever extend to beyond one post.

So with heavy heart we’ve decided that we’re not in the business of kicking corpses and will be ignoring the old clown and her errant offspring for the time being. Should the corpse start to twitch however, we will be back. One thing does remain to be cleared up, which are the rumours that Oliver Woodbridge, aka William Bell, is employed by Government website FRANK. This rumours seems to have surfaced due to the claims made by the publishers of Debra’s book (currently reduced and getting slated on amazon) who say that Oliver is a spokesperson for the Government drugs support agency ‘FRANK’.

Pretty unequivocal, and not at all true. We contacted FRANK to find out the score … “In answer to your question. Oliver Woodbridge* was asked by the FRANK team to act as a case study, not spokesperson, when we launched our ‘Brancrashers’ TV advertising campaign. We do not hold Oliver among our list of approved FRANK spokespeople and it would appear that the either Debra Bell or her publishers have misinterpreted the roll Oliver played for us. We have asked that reference to being a ‘spokesperson’ be removed and currently have no plans to reuse Oliver as a case study to support the FRANK campaign.” *as an amusing aside note how easily and casually FRANK (who are run by the Home Office) out William Bell as Oliver Woodbridge. You can’t trust government’s folks. (nothing to do with us, but a site has appeared called which may be of interest)

Fucking The Poor – Like taking candy from a baby …

… or in this case two hundred and fifty quid.

Multi-millionaire, chinless twat George Gideon Osborne has cut the Child Trust Fund which placed £250 into a savings account for all children which they could spunk on drugs and booze when they turned 18.

We always expected to scum to hit the most vulnerable in their haste to pay for the fuck ups of their banker chums. We didn’t expect them to start with babies.

Osborne needn’t worry about a legacy for his own wretched offspring after all. Despite having never had a proper job, Osborne is worth around £4 million and is expected to inherit a similiar amount when papa kics the bucket. Yep, Osborne’s father worked hard to get him where he is today .. unlike Gideon himself.

Elsewhere Gideon announced budget cuts across all departments and over a billion has been axed from local councils. Gideon claims the “vast majority” of the savings will come from posts not being filled, not from workers being sacked.

In other words, some workers are going to get sacked.

Send Them Back!

Happy Birthday Pacman!

Homophobic Scum

A facebook group calling for the sacking of the odious Theresa May has already attracted almost 70,000 members despite her squirming denials on Question Time that she had changed her mind about being a bigoted old trout..

May voted against the right for gay couples to undergo fertility treatment and against the right for gay couples to be allowed to adopt. She was also one of the few MP’s who refused to support repealing Section 28.

She’s in good company. Cabinet members Chris Grayling, Liam Fox, Iain Duncan Smith, Eric Fox, Caroline Spelman, Andrew Mitchell, Owen Patterson, Philip Hammond, Cheryl Gillian and Ken Clarke have all been pretty consistent in their opposition to gay rights.

May has also been attacked for refusing to vote four times on the Gender Recognition Act. Once again, she’s not alone, David Cameron also managed to miss those meetings.

Adding insult to injury May is not only Home Secretary but also Minister for Women and Equality.

Any turkeys who voted Tory in the hope there were now fluffy, little treehuggers who love the gays might want to start preparing for Christmas.

May has had some support. A facebook group has sprung up in her defence, saying she should only be sacked as Equalities Ministers and keep her job in charge of the filth. It has one member.