Facebook Sold to Murdoch!

In a shocking move for all facebook users it was revealed late last night that facebook has been sold to Newscorp in a deal worth around 2.6 billion dollars.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said:

“We would like to thank all the members out there who made facebook the success story it is today. We have every assurance that Newscorp will continue to maintain the high standard of service facebook users have come to expect and wish them well in this new venture.”

Zuckerberg is believed to have retained a 10% share of the company.

It is believed by some insiders that the entire facebook management team may be laid off and that eventually the facebook platform will be merged with myspace.

A Newscorp source told The Register that they were hoping to bring in micro-charging for both facebook and myspace.

Newscorp Head of Public Affairs, David Still, commented:

“News International and all of our subsidiaries are committed to a high standard of online content and innovative use of technology. It has become increasingly clear that the current revenue models are not working. We are committed to finding a sustainable way to manage and deliver quality online services.”

It is believed that Newscorp will roll out a small annual membership fee, plus a tariff for each friend added, in the very near future.

Many facebook users (including this one) are already considering boycotting the site.

The inevitable facebook groups are already being set up.



3 responses to “Facebook Sold to Murdoch!

  1. Hmmm I have never and never will be a part of FB.Now that being said if Murdoch spent 2.6 billion you can bet your a– that fees for use will be forthcomming so that money can be recouped ASAP…Once again it’s all about the almighty dollar…..JMO

  2. You complete and utter bastard Johnny!

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