Talking About Cannabis – is the game up?

It seems all references to ‘consultations’ helplines and fifty quid phone calls have now been removed from their website.

Meanwhile the book has a single lowly one star review on amazon:

“I am drug and alcohol worker who bought this book after seeing Debra’s columns in the Daily Mail.

The book is quite frankly a load of rubbish. After reading i passed the book on to several senior colleagues, who cannot believe the depths this woman will go to in spreading lies and prohibitionist propaganda regarding cannabis. What we need in the drugs debate is facts and honest discussion. This book provides the exact opposite.

For anyone wanting the truth, avoid this book at all costs! “

Perhaps it’s time to stop talking about cannabis Debs.

Read the saga here


2 responses to “Talking About Cannabis – is the game up?

  1. all the negative reviews and comments on the book seem to have disappeared from Amazon. hmmm

    still, its 141,000 in the sale rankings so i dont think anyone is actually buying it.

  2. It’s sad isn’t it that this woman has totally misunderstood how things work in the world.

    This is one guy.

    For goodness sake. It is not happening to ALL people.

    Such an unscientific viewpoint. And yes all the papers who want to continue with the misinformation jump on crap like this.

    Grow up woman. Move on. Get a life.

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