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Dear Unilever

I notice that you are aiming to ensure that all of your PG Tips Tea will in future come from ethical sources. Does this mean you accept that up until now much of the tea used in PG Tips came from unethical sources?

Do Unilever produce any other products from unethical sources?

I await your response with interest.

Many Thanks
Johnny Void

you see where we’re going with this …


Dear Cadburys

I note that you have recently launched a range of fair trade chocolate bars.

Does this mean that we can consider that the chocolate bars you produce without this branding are the product of an unfair trade?

Will you be making this clear on the labelling of the products?

I await your response with interest.

Many Thanks

Johnny Void

Turns out it’s quite hard to send Cadbury’s an email, but hopefully they will be prompt with their answer.

Talking About Cannabis – is the game up?

It seems all references to ‘consultations’ helplines and fifty quid phone calls have now been removed from their website.

Meanwhile the book has a single lowly one star review on amazon:

“I am drug and alcohol worker who bought this book after seeing Debra’s columns in the Daily Mail.

The book is quite frankly a load of rubbish. After reading i passed the book on to several senior colleagues, who cannot believe the depths this woman will go to in spreading lies and prohibitionist propaganda regarding cannabis. What we need in the drugs debate is facts and honest discussion. This book provides the exact opposite.

For anyone wanting the truth, avoid this book at all costs! “

Perhaps it’s time to stop talking about cannabis Debs.

Read the saga here

Save Rise Festival!

just received

“Greetings Rise Festival fans,

This is your chance to help save one of London’s most-loved festivals for just £1!

UpRise Against Racism has been working with many of the team behind Rise Festival to bring about a return of the free anti-racism festival this summer.

UpRise was set up last year by a dedicated team of volunteers to ensure the Rise Festival legacy continues – now we’ve got the know-how, expertise and plans to put on an event worthy of carrying on that legacy.

We need to raise £100,000 to pay for the production of UpRise by Wednesday, March 31st. Although it’s a lot of money, if the 100,000 people who attended Rise 2008 donated JUST £1, we would reach our target!

Rise supporters can get behind the cause by donating just £1 via And be sure to come along on the day to get your money’s worth!

If you’ve enjoyed Rise in the past and want to see it back, believe in the cause or have only just become a follower, back the campaign to keep the flame of London’s much-loved Rise Festival alive!

A facebook group has been set up at:

Please help us spread the word by inviting your friends to this group.

Together we can bring it back!

Yours in hope and solidarity

Freya & The UpRise Team x”