Talking About Cannabis Resort To Threats Of Violence

Anti-drugs group Talking About Cannabis appear to have resorted to obscure, threatening messages.

Reformed pothead (and the rest) and now wannabe drugs counsellor and spokesman on the evils of cannabis, Debra Bell’s public schoolboy son, Oliver Woodbridge has issued what appear to be threats via my rarely used facebook page which today received a message about my upcoming ‘non existence’

Frankly I’ve had better death threats.

It’s not yet know whether TAC supremo Debra Bell authorised this wet job or whether posh kid Oliver Woodbridge (aka william bell) is going renegade.

Oliver fancies himself a bit of a gansta having watched lots of films and taken a few drugs. He also fancies himself as a bit of a media star having recently appeared in the Daily Fail warning of the dangers of the evil weed. In fact lucky readers can even book a telephone consultation with the wise, lanky fuckwit for the bargain price of 50 quid.

What’s brought on this latest aggresive incident is as yet unknown. Cynics might suggest he’s on something. All that can be known is that this shows the true face of the Woodbridges, Debra Bell and the whole shoddy piece of fail that has been and Oliver Woodbridge’s life so far.


8 responses to “Talking About Cannabis Resort To Threats Of Violence

  1. Feek me… big lolz i mean WTF? How dare you Johnny void! you bad lad, questioning someone elses morals, you should be struck off the internetz hehehehe. Bet your shaking in your boots right now.
    Where the hell does he get off? i mean really how pathetic. Just shows your striking a winning blow there johnny. First they mock you, then they fight you, then they loose.

  2. I think it’s probably a sign you’re doing something right.

  3. This family make me sick. I had a bit of sympathy for the son after reading his mother’s articles in the Mail, but not anymore.

    If you put yourself in the public you might get criticised, what next Katie Price sending the boys round to The Sun editor’s house?

  4. Well done Johnny! Keep up the good work!

  5. we at urban on the drug forum woud like to engage TAC in a conversation about this. we are all for drug info especially when it comes form those in the know but you need to answer some questions for us to reccomend

    is TAC a non profit or profit organisation?

    if charging then i’m sure the advice/consultation must be thro a member who is qualified….and the money put into the organisation not an individual.

    they are accountable to someone , even if it is the committee that makes up their organisation in the case of non profit.

    questions like …
    does he have a positive notice for working with young people
    police crimial history check
    is he keeping client confidentiality.
    is he caring that his suggestions need follow up.
    is he using suggested gov guidelines?

    perhaps by doing it thro Talking About Cannabis he is coming under their umbrella where liability is concerned.

    who at the end of the day is this man accountable to? its all in the accountability.

    perhaps talk to your local drug clinic about it as its their job to present up to date sientific , accurate info, free of charge.

    they are over stepping the mark, there are ways which they could do it properly, work in with local agencies and be an assest, get some recognised training, but at the moment they look like a lose cannon!


    the above is a thread about your organisation.

    we at u75 drug forum have no problem with addicts and ex addicts and drug workers giving advice for free but are uncomfortable with TAC charging for it when to be honest you seem accountable to no one and also a little short on realistic facts.

    we are discussing it on that thread and it would be great if you coud register to the forums and give us some answers.

    not attacking you just wondering some things.

    ice x

  7. Go icey!



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