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Talking About Cannabis Resort To Threats Of Violence

Anti-drugs group Talking About Cannabis appear to have resorted to obscure, threatening messages.

Reformed pothead (and the rest) and now wannabe drugs counsellor and spokesman on the evils of cannabis, Debra Bell’s public schoolboy son, Oliver Woodbridge has issued what appear to be threats via my rarely used facebook page which today received a message about my upcoming ‘non existence’

Frankly I’ve had better death threats.

It’s not yet know whether TAC supremo Debra Bell authorised this wet job or whether posh kid Oliver Woodbridge (aka william bell) is going renegade.

Oliver fancies himself a bit of a gansta having watched lots of films and taken a few drugs. He also fancies himself as a bit of a media star having recently appeared in the Daily Fail warning of the dangers of the evil weed. In fact lucky readers can even book a telephone consultation with the wise, lanky fuckwit for the bargain price of 50 quid.

What’s brought on this latest aggresive incident is as yet unknown. Cynics might suggest he’s on something. All that can be known is that this shows the true face of the Woodbridges, Debra Bell and the whole shoddy piece of fail that has been and Oliver Woodbridge’s life so far.


Cameron Campaign Poster Comes Unstuck Again

The noble campaign to trash David Cameron’s electioneering was a two pronged attack.  Firstly the comedy photoshop web-fun and more importantly the very real defacing of the grinning toff’s face across the country.

This resulted in the poster being withdrawn and the new ‘death’ poster, based on a groundless lie, being used in it’s place.

There’s a comedy spoof your own Cameron poster website and, whilst we’re a little behind the times, here’s one that eminated from the void (with apologies to Class War for the blatant plagarism).