A serious note on that facebook group

It’s all still to play for in the X-Factor/facebook struggle for chart topping success.  Rage Against the Machine have a small lead but with heart-throb Joe Mcelderry’s single released on CD tomorrow this battle is far from over.

Like we give a shit who the Christmas number one is.

the void’s campaign for, first East London diva Stacey, and then good, honest Northern boy Joe has some serious flaws concerning basic sincerity.

In short we did it for the lulz.  That and the unmissable opportunity to out-prole Bone.

If the facebook kids get a success then good luck to ’em.  Seeing the smug look wiped off Cowell’s eyes may make up for the sight of a tearful Joe Mcelderry on Boxing Day morning (it’s become a habit).

But this isn’t politics.  Class struggle will not be furthered by shopping.
There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down brothers in the instant replay.

It isn’t even music.  Cowell and co make music for, by and large, children.  To get all het up about X Factor winners is like throwing a strop about the latest Ben 10 dolls lack of artistic integrity.

From Bill Haily, to The Monkees to Stock Aitkin and Waterman, there’s always been a segment of the pop market aimed at 11 year olds.  It’s what they like.  It has about as much impact on the wider music scene as Monsters vs Aliens has on on arthouse movies.

One person on facebook said:

“”I’m taking part because I want to see if we can decide who we want to be number 1.”

We means the 30,000 or so who have bought multiple copies in an attempt to rig the charts.  ‘We’ means the minority who have decided the proles aren’t culturally correct and intend to punish them (we’re off again).  It’s cultural elitism and it’s crap.

The folk who buy a copy of Joe’s single for their kids this Christmas won’t be overwhelmed by the power of the masses if the facebook group succeeds.  They really are the masses and are likely to hear the single and think ‘what a bunch of daft wassocks shelling out money for that pile of shite.’

We still can’t help hoping Joe pulls through though and his Mam gets that new house they’ve always dreamed of.  The alternative is too unbearable to contemplate.


3 responses to “A serious note on that facebook group

  1. don’t be so silly. Cowell, SyCo and Joe will make exactly the same amount of money regardless of the RATM campaign. It’s not an either/or choice, even if RATM makes #1 Cowell et al have lost zero money. Rather, SonyBMG have made *twice as much* by having people who would never otherwise spend money on singles this christmas to buy records. And wonderfully for Sony, often to buy a record they *already own*. Kinda Makes you think about the provenance of said campaign.

  2. This blog has to be the biggest load of drivel i’ve ever read in my life and I teach children for a living.

  3. okay, now I get your position a bit more.

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