Joe Mcelderry is the anti-fascist choice

The original facebook group calling on people to buy Killing In The Name Of to stop X Factor reaching Christmas number one has disappeared.

Some are calling conspiracy, we just hope that facebook have discovered some good, old fashioned decency.

A flurry of new groups is being established and although the backbone of this mass movement has been broken we urge against complacency.  Dark forces are circling comrades and finally the true face of the anti-working class reactionaries behind this campaign can be reveal.

Yes, fascism is once more rising it’s weary head as can be seen on this group, a clear front for the BNP.

What, you want proof you cynical fuckers, well here it is.


8 responses to “Joe Mcelderry is the anti-fascist choice

  1. The original FB group has not disappeared, I just checked it out (Group ID 2228594104) and it has 705,390 members (increasing at a rate of about 100 per minute). I don’t really care who is crimbo numero uno, and I really don’t care who wins some corny TV talent show (I don’t have a television but I am aware that there is an invention called television on which they show shows). Bread and circuses.

  2. its back, sadly the heathens at facebook have relented

  3. Jonny stop being so rude its time for yoiur bedtime.

  4. Tad obsessive about this, voidy?

  5. You seem to have a very distorted view of politics and class. You are not supporting the working class, you are supporting the corporate machine. You are encouraging the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. Also I think you will find that many RATM fans are not teenagers at all.

    You do not deserve to be allowed to use that symbol.

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