It’s not too late to save Christmas

The travesty that was last night’s X Factor vote is truly a sad day for music and Christmas alike.

It’s all about Joe Mcelderry now, dull as ditchwater he may be but he’s a good Northern lad and deserves his 15 minutes as much as anybody (well more than laughing boy Olly).

Not content with causing misery in the Solomon household, the stroppy teenagers are flocking in their droves to try and trash Joe’s Christmas and end what has become a much loved Christmas tradition, an X Factor Number 1!

The scrooges are urging people to head to and buy a copy of Rage Against The Machines’ Killing in the Name Of and for once we couldn’t agree more.  Except don’t just buy one copy, buy 10.

The chart rules expressly state that singles which have been purchased multiple times by the same person are likely to be excluded from the charts.  The more copies you buy from the more chance there is that this motley crue of plastic anarchists with their facebook groups and fancy phones will wake up to a good old traditional X Factor Crimbo.

Of course their is a danger that they will respond by purchasing multiple copies of the X Factor single, meaning that neither will be number one this year and the joint tyranny of facebook and Cowell will be over for ever.

It’s a risk we’ll take.

So, as someone has rightly said in the comments, think what would Jesus do at this special time of year and vote Joe tonight then rush out and buy 20 copies of Killing In The Name Of.

Joe Mcelderry is now the only decent proletarian choice.


7 responses to “It’s not too late to save Christmas

  1. Jesus’s Step Dad was called Joe, now thats good enough for my vote, Bless

  2. i hadnt even noticed

    god, i think, has spoken to us all this christmas

    perhaps He Himself took down the facebook group which has apparantly disappeared

  3. How can Joe be the proletarian choice when he’s backed by the bourgouis capitalists running ITV’s X-Factor?

    ITV, its shareholders and the advertisers using the show to gain exposure for their brands are the only sure winners from X-Factor’s mass appeal.

    Rage Against The Machine is the anti-capitalist, prolitarian, guerilla choice.

  4. Rage Against The Machine are signed to Sony

    does anyone really believe that the people buying killing in the name of are in any way more radical then the people who buy the x factor single?

    shopping will not win the the revolution

  5. You’re not an anarchist. And tradition, you’re defending tradition! Stay on your own lovefest and quit posting trash such as this. We ain’t interested.

  6. Lord, Forgive them for they know not what they do. Repent and let the love of the baby jesus redeam your heathen anarchic souls, his tears on the crucifix factor tonight will wash you clean of sin so that you may be reborn in his blessed name at this, special time of year


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