A Vote for Stacey is a Vote for the Working Class

Some reactionary forces are still encircling East London diva Stacey Solomon and calling for people to buy the Rage Against the Machine’s teen anthem instead (you’d have really thought they were over teen angst by now).

An outbreak of untidy bedrooms and late homework is expected as a result.

Apologies to comrades Olly and Joe, but Olly was just crap and Joe is well boring.

We’re Stacey all the way and call on all those who are class conscious or even just have a conscience to vote Stacey and then buy her single giving this unexpected pop princess the Christmas number 1 she deserves.

Don’t spoil little Zachory’s Christmas, vote now, vote often.

To vote for Stacey then either google X Factor or switch on the telly or something for the number.

Remember a child’s Christmas is at stake, you know what to do.


16 responses to “A Vote for Stacey is a Vote for the Working Class

  1. so untalented unoriginal shit is better than a song thats anti-racist? well done asshole. RATM are a lot more than angst

    • couldn’t have said it better myself…. someone needs to tell this geezer what working class means… and it certainly doesn’t mean making meaningless records for entertainment value (barely) only and lining the pockets of the TV bosses and hangers on promoters while the so-called working classes look on to take their minds off the fact that they’re oppressed in so many ways and not prepared to do owt about it…!

  2. Xfactor was mildy meh the first time; now it’s even more of an absolute trashpile than the first time. Untalented crap from x-factor vs. an awesome RATM track … I know what i’m buying.

  3. “vote Stacey and then buy her single giving this unexpected pop princess the Christmas number 1 she deserves”

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    How does singing someone else’s song qualify you for the number one spot at ANY time of year, let alone Christmas?

    I do karaoke at my local every Thursday- where the fuck is MY number 1 single? Because as far as your logic goes, I bloody well deserve one.

    Get a fucking clue, you no-mark

  4. Stacey has a lovely voice, but whether she gets to No. 1 or not, she will earn a crapload of money and her little boy will have a brilliant Christmas. I’m sure you realize that.

    The campaign to get Rage Against the Machine to number 1 is an interesting and exciting one. It’s good to see so many people working together for it. I used to watch X Factor and enjoy it, but this year I’d like to see something different as the Christmas no. 1.

    It’s kind of sad that the X factor winner always gets the Christmas No. 1 by default – it makes it less special. No angst here, just fancy a change. 🙂

  5. even if she doesnt win im sure someone will sign her and a few years later she’ll be on nevermind the buzzcocks lineup. *months


  6. When i saw the picture of little Zac you posted and i looked deep into those young and innocent eyes i was touched to the quick, so deeply moved, i thought to myself ‘now, what would Jesus do.’
    He’d hang around nailed to a stick of course. As we know, the X in Xmas as in X factor is a substitute cruxifix as espoused in the pistle of the great prophet Mark E Smith. And so i shall nail myself to a cross in the faith that baby jesus will smile and bestow riches upon young Stace’ and we’ll have a whipround down the Legion later, now if someone can just give us a hand with the last nail

  7. ana, you’re dying for all our sins

  8. Maybe Stacey shouldn’t have gotten knocked up in the first place? Teenage single mums should be burned.

  9. “unexpected pop princess” Ahahahahaha..

  10. is this for real, it’s done and dusted but good replys to yir page and counting….crack on .

  11. she is ok but when she talks it all goes pete tong. what has her child got to do with the fact she came 3rd, it’s not a shame and he will have the best xmas a child could ask for really. doh !!!

  12. I would rather vote for something original than something which is just a cover which is all X-Factor ever produces, which is why I have bought “Killing in the name of” and you would seem less like a teenager yourself if you weren’t rude to those who feel differently to you. I agree some supporters of RATM have been a bit childish with their comments but are you helping the matter by doing the same in your article?

  13. RATM for Xmas No 1

    I don’t like how her child is being used to get people to not vote for RATM.
    That’s just low.

  14. Excellent – I was the one who got Rage to number 1.

    Don’t mess with me Cowell, told you I’d get you.

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