I’d rather be a Nutt than a Johnson – Demo Report

Over 100 people gathered opposite Downing Street today to protest at the sacking of scientist Professor Nutt.

After several speeches given by members of the crowd, noisy and enthusiastic chants broke out including “I’d rather be a Nutt than a Johnson” and “If you don’t like the message, don’t shoot the messenger”.

A comedy horse was also in attendance.

Support from passers by was strong and several people joined the protest after seeing the placards.

The protest had been called at very short notice by the Students For a Sensible Drugs Policy who have their first conference at Leeds University on 27 November – 29 November 2009.

With the ACMD due to meet in a few days to discuss their response to Nutt’s sacking this is a story that is not likely to go away soon.

Sign the petition at: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Back-Prof-Nutt/

Here’s some pics (decidedly average ones due to a borrowed camera, normal service will be resumed one day).

nutt-demo-pics 014

nutt-demo-pics 023

nutt-demo-pics 026

nutt-demo-pics 034

nutt-demo-pics 036

nutt-demo-pics 038

nutt-demo-pics 040

nutt-demo-pics 043

nutt-demo-pics 044

nutt-demo-pics 047


3 responses to “I’d rather be a Nutt than a Johnson – Demo Report

  1. Anthony Garrett

    Well done. So sorry I couldn’t be there – I know being there in spirit isn’t enough. Have signed the petition.

  2. Found it very positive in attitude, the crowds were responsive, and the few hour in this day seemed to go on a high!
    Could have done with more protesters, yet the atmosphere with the chanting as you mentioned a great chant like, I’d rather be a Nutt that a Johnson, also
    If you don’t like the message
    don’t shoot the messenger!
    I’ve been trying to remember more of them as they were good!

  3. I was there, there was not one scientist on site! Not from the many people I asked anyway. The majority were there because they want all hard drugs legalised and taxed.

    Around 50 people at the most were there, all looked quite ‘relaxed’ too.

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