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What Would Gordon Do 2?

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What Would Gordon Do?

When faced with decisions of some importance or a simply a moral dillema, take time to pause, breathe and ask yourself  ‘what would Gordon do?’

Then do the exact fucking opposite.


We feel a meme coming on …

I’d rather be a Nutt than a Johnson – Demo Report

Over 100 people gathered opposite Downing Street today to protest at the sacking of scientist Professor Nutt.

After several speeches given by members of the crowd, noisy and enthusiastic chants broke out including “I’d rather be a Nutt than a Johnson” and “If you don’t like the message, don’t shoot the messenger”.

A comedy horse was also in attendance.

Support from passers by was strong and several people joined the protest after seeing the placards.

The protest had been called at very short notice by the Students For a Sensible Drugs Policy who have their first conference at Leeds University on 27 November – 29 November 2009.

With the ACMD due to meet in a few days to discuss their response to Nutt’s sacking this is a story that is not likely to go away soon.

Sign the petition at:

Here’s some pics (decidedly average ones due to a borrowed camera, normal service will be resumed one day).

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nutt-demo-pics 034

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nutt-demo-pics 038

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TAC Consultants – The World’s Shortest Business Venture

Poor old Oliver Woodbridge William Bell.  It seems his career as a drugs counsellor hasn’t quite worked out as planned.  Until a few days ago the Talking About Cannabis website’s front page boasted:


Well that service appears to be no longer available, although Debra Woodbridge-Bell is still offering consultations in her own coy way, whether the hundred quid price tag applies is unclear.

Poor old Debra, sometimes it must feel like she can’t get anything right.

Talking About Cannabis: The Racket Continues

Rally for Professor David Nutt- Support evidence based drugs policy

We will be there to show our support for Professor Nutt and to call on the government to back evidence based drugs policy by respecting and upholding the independence of the ACMD.


Called by:   Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK

Sign the petition to Re-instate Professor Nutt at:

Chill Out Johnson


Some bright sparks have suggested sending Alan Johnson a smoke.  After having a hissy fit because the bad scientist didn’t say what he wanted him to it seems he could do with something to chill him out.

We reckon post him a roach and let him know what he’s missing.

Here’s the full call out from the facebook page

Re-instate Professor David Nutt

It looks like this story will not being going away quickly with resignations from the ACMD expected this week. This has thrown the Government’s drug policy into chaos and could well be an important turning point.

And whilst Brown’s Government is to blame for this shambles, it is important to remember that the Tories stand shoulder to shoulder with Labour on drugs policy and the shadow Home Secretary has said he supports the decision to sack Professor Nutt.

Which leaves it down to us: the mob, the true opposition.

How to help

Firstly invite your friends to join this group and share the group on your wall. This gets us in one place where we can discuss strategies on effective actions to take. It also keeps people interested and talking about the subject.

You can write to the Home Office at: or to the Home Secretary direct at:

All MPs addresses use the same formula, ie, surname, first initial, although it’s woth remembering that not all Honourable Members are competent enough to use computers so may not respond to email.

You can also contact your MP via the website

Your constituency MP is duty bound to address any issue you take up with them and at a time when many are rightly fearing for their political lives they may be more interested than usual in the concerns of their constituents.

Several people have registered petitions on Number 10’s website, when they go live we’ll post a link up to all of them on the group info page.

Someone has suggested contacted the beeb to suggest Nutt as a panellist on Question Time which you can do by going to:

Any other ideas please post them up on the group’s wall or in the discussion forums, let’s be creative, why not post a smoke to Alan Johnson to help him calm down a little bit.

Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP
Goodwin Resource Centre
Icehouse Road

The venerable Alan Johnson has a website at: – whilst you can post comments to his page they are moderated, so whilst unlikely to appear, they will be seen.

Finally blog, tweet and let’s keep people talking.