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Re-instate Professor Nutt

Yes, it’s reformist twaddle, but reformist twaddle can be sorta fun if it narks off the state enough, and this might:

“Scientists should not be sacked for telling the truth.

Professor Nutt has been sacked as Chief Government Drugs Advisor because of his scientific opinion, an opinion he was being asked to provide.

Scientific evidence is being ignored so the Government can pursue the failed war on drugs. Professor Nutt’s sacking shows how low this Government will sink in their effort to hide the fact that current drug policy is disastrous.

This group demands the re-instatement of Professor Nutt and the beginning of a new debate about radical reform of the drug laws based on science, not on pandering to right wing tabloids.”

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We’d rather scientists influence drugs policy rather than fruitloops like Debra Bell and co.

johnny void – never knowingly missed a bandwagon


Talking About Cannabis: The Racket Continues

Some people just won’t stay dead.

Debra Bell of the one woman organisation Talking About Cannabis could have been left to drift into well deserved obscurity.

After a well publicised split with school teacher Mary Brett it was hoped that her incessant ego and dishonest diatribe might have quietened down.  Alas it was not to be.

Debra finally got a book published, which is due for release next year.  Desperate to wring every last penny from her son’s personal problems she’s been signed up by Hammersmith Press, a flaky operation who claim to be medical publishers but run a sideline in unscientific drivel.  Which should suit Debra rather well.

Not content with that, but Debra is now offering consultations to families of problem drug users. For a mere hundred quid (you heard that right) you can have a “coaching, support and information session” from an untrained, unqualified posh woman.

What’s more, her son William is now looking to cash in as well.  William Bell is offering telephone consultations, once again for a cool hundred quid.

Now I’d always felt a bit sorry for poor old William.  Having his personal life splashed over the newspapers in furtherance of his mother’s desperate attempt to carve out a career for herself cannot have been pleasant.

But that sympathy has faded.  Basically a kid who smoked a few spliffs (and the rest) charging vulnerable families a hundred quid for a fucking phone call is pure shysterism.

Which is why it’s time to reveal that William Bell is in fact Oliver Woodbridge. He’s got a facebook page and everything, where he lists his interests as “sleeping, smoking, singing, playin football, bein tall (an effort btw), sexing, hexing, vexing,”.

Here’s a picture of him, he’s the one on the left next to the bloke with a spliff in his hand.

oliver woodbridge/william bell

The Anarchist Bookfair an’ all that

Just a quick plug for tomorrow’s (Sat 24th Oct) Anarchist Bookfair, held at the Queen Mary and Westfield College on the Mile End Road.

And since the void is undergoing an all too common lean period we thought we’d post of round up of free events this weekend from the excellent

“Lot’s going on next weekend and it’s all getting a bit political.  This year’s Anarchist Bookfair takes place on Saturday at the Queen Mary and Westfield College on Mile End Road.  The reformist traitors in the Stop The War Coalition are also holding a march on Saturday, a red and black delegation will be assembling at Speaker’s Corner at noon.  There’s also an Anarcha-feminist Call Out to attend a meeting and lunch at LARC on Sunday.

Sad news on the politics front comes from long running art and social centre RampART which was evicted last week after five years.  This means any events which you’ve seen listed on this site will either be held elsewhere, postponed or cancelled, we’ll try to get up to date information as soon as we can.

On a more cheerful note, there’s a Black History Month Festival on the South Bank over both days of the weekend where you can catch Felix Dennis on Saturday, whilst the Oxo Tower hold a Festival of Interdepence.

Hillingdon’s got a street party on Sunday, Brick Lanes is holding a This Is Not A Gateway Festival from Fri-Sat and there’s apply goings on at Borough Market on Sunday.  And here’s a quick plug for East London’s annual photography festival: photomonth 09.

Astute readers will notice we’ve opened up this year’s Bonfire Night category, for events holding free firework displays.  Not many yet, so send us details of any happening near you.

Finally, if your bored, why not join our facebook group where event organisers can spam free (we’re watching) events to our wall to their hearts content.”