A4e Internet Censorship – Call For Support

We’d already reported that A4e, formerly Action for Employment, recently appeared to use legal pressure to attempt to force two blogs which were critical of them off the net.

We then reported how one intrepid blogger had fought the decision by wordpress and had their blog re-instated, in full, with an apology from wordpress.

Well, those fickle geeks at wordpress have changed their minds and once again removed the frozen New Deal Scandal and hidden the post stating that Neil Watson had resigned as a director of A4e Ltd. A fact which is demonstrably true and recorded at Companies House.

New Deal Scandal have been in touch saying that they don’t have the energy or inclination for another email tussle with wordpress but will be back soon with a new home.

A4e seem to put a lot of effort into protecting the upstanding citizens of the internet from the truth about these shady corporate scumbags.

If you google A4e, all but two of the entries on the front page are websites run by A4e themselves. Google ‘A4e are cunts’ to get a more accurate representation of what most people think of these bullying … cunts.

Blogs and websites, even those on the left, have so far remained quiet on this issues. We say attack now and attack often. If they want a war with the interweb, then let’s give ’em one.

And if you’re one of those lefties who just doesn’t like to think about the unemployed too much, well, good news, you don’t have to! There’s a whole load of liberal issues to get your teeth stuck into.

Do you care about the Palestian people – kill A4e in the face

Care about local services being sold off to private companies – kill A4e in the face

Care about freedom of speech and internet censorship – kill A4e in the face

Care about benefit fraud – kill A4e in the face

They are even involved in tormenting asylum seekers and immigrants by helping to administer the ‘Life in the UK’ test. So No Borders types join us and kill A4e in the face.

Or if you just care about the poorest and most vulnerable people in our class being exploited, bullied and harrassed just so A4e founder Emma Harrison can buy more stately homes then kill A4e in the fucking face.

And they probably do some really bad shit to the environment as well.

So there you go, there’s something for everyone. Fire at will.

UPDATE: facebook group now set up at:
Stop A4e censoring the internet

UPDATE NO2: New Deal Scandal is back for now but aren’t confident about staying that way. WordPress appear to have relented once more, we’ll keep you posted.


9 responses to “A4e Internet Censorship – Call For Support

  1. We are back again (for now) but I am giving it maybe a few days before it happens again.

  2. Well said.. New Deal Scandal is a fight all leftists should now be fighting. We support you over at raw-rap.com and if interested we are trying to highlight welfare/poverty issues and if you want to start up a group get connected up with our social networking section.

  3. Angry ex-A4e-"client"

    Cheers for highlighting this, will spread the word as best I can. Keep up the good fight!

  4. It appears that even though Neil remains an employee, someone else took over as Finance Director. I am advised by a marketing employee at A4e that there is nothing unusual or suspicious in Neil downgrading the ranks at all. Good to know… lol

  5. I attended the two week gateway course with A4E – not only was it completely pointless, I ended up having an argument with them over volunteering. Now I realise that that was just the tip of the iceberg.


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  8. Tim the Terrible

    An Open Letter (primarily aimed at Emma Harrison)

    I felt compelled to write this after watching Emma Harrison on the BBC politics show today; she was outlining her plans to save the world. I have always said that the only winners from these ‘schemes’ ran by private companies like A4E are the people actually employed to execute them. As an unemployed job seeker I have been at A4E twice and its got exploitation written all over it, its not unlike been held hostage or you could liken it to a ‘holding pen’ as many people as possible are crammed into a relatively small room, on hot muggy days, no kind of air conditioning and been forced to sit there for hours on end with absolutely nothing of any worth to do. By the end of the day one feels drowsy, as if been drugged. I would flatly refuse to have anything to do with A4E in the future, and if need be would take a case to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds of mental torture, because that is what it is! We have better laws to protect the treatment of cattle. Emma Harrison and A4E are making a very nice living out of the unemployed, and in turn employers get cheap Labour, all courtesy of the tax payer. While I was at A4E a woman was sent on a placement at a pet shop, she refused to do it after a few days because the regular staff were giving her all the shitty jobs to do and treating her like a Victorian servant, the placement was then given to a young woman who happened to be crazy about pets, at the end of the course, the pet shop simply got another placement worker from A4E and the previous young woman had to go back on job seekers allowance, this can only be described as exploitation.

    At the end of the day it’s very, very simple, it’s called mathematics. An interview I had, working for a commercial photographer had 80 applicants for one vacancy, he had picked 10 people to interview. (80 into 1 won’t go) I was told by someone at working links, they knew of at least 500 people going after one vacancy! (500 into 1 won’t go) What we need is an immediate ban on immigration and some population control, on the estate where I live, young woman living on benefits, seem to have kids almost like an hobby, usually from several different fathers and with no thought about how they will manage financially, its like a sub-culture that revolves around flawed relationships and having kids, all funded by the tax payers. All the vacuous bullshit fed to job seekers at places like A4E is just that, meaningless bullshit, delivered by people of questionable intelligence (which only adds to the torture) like the sycophantic employee of A4E I watched on a T.V. documentary about the same, who was getting all exited because she had been invited to Emma Harrison’s Mansion for tea and tiffin. It was painful to watch, enough to make a pig sick.

    This latest political highlight about the benefits system, is not about concern for the unemployed finding meaningful employment, it’s about the Government saving money. Something which needs doing, as a Nation and as individuals people have been living beyond their means for far to long, but it’s a bit rich (no pun intended) coming from politicians, considering the recent expenses scandals, including the present incumbents, they have not been in office five minutes and one has had to resign already! If the Government is serious about ending the ‘something for nothing society’ I would suggest it will make bigger savings starting a bit closer to home. A well known family that lives not far from Parliament has been living on state benefits for centuries, they are calling themselves the Windsor’s at the moment. What about MEP’s who sign in the mornings to claim their expenses, walk straight out, and take their wives on a shopping spree in Paris, all courtesy of the tax payers! Governments don’t create wealth or jobs; they just dictate to us what they are going to spend our money on! I won’t take any lessons in morality or how to live from the likes of politicians and people like Emma Harrison. Just because someone lives in a Mansion, doesn’t make that person more intelligent or moral then someone like myself, a job seeker. If anything it indicates someone who is probably more cunning and greed driven, our culture has been brainwashed into worshiping and aspiring wealth/possessions, which accounts a lot for the present financial predicament. I judge a person by their actions and words, not by how much their house is or isn’t worth.

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