A4e Censorship Attempt Repelled

New Deal Scandal is now unfrozen and back publishing,with even the post that poverty pimps A4e got sniffy about, once again available. Some credit should grudgingly go to corporate bastards wordpress who, after initially acting like a bunch of cowardly twats, have now shown a bit of bottle and stuck up for their users rather then sucking corporate cock.

A4e’s recent attempt at web censorship has not been very successful. Watching A4e, the site closed after Webs received allegations of defamation, is back online at blogspot whilst their attempt to close down New Deal Scandal was, as we’ve mentioned, made of fail.

As New Deal Scandal reveal, A4e appear to have a far ranging policy on controlling information on the internet. Their unused community site, various blogs and other posts cropping up on the net seem to be part of a poorly thought marketing strategy to deflect criticism by getting A4e staff to post about how wonderful they are. We’ll be having a closer look at this in the coming weeks.

In the meantime it’s time to fight back and tell the truth about (in)Action for (un)Employment. Blog early, blog often and tell people about your experiences at the hands of A4e.


3 responses to “A4e Censorship Attempt Repelled

  1. Update: wordpress.com has frozen the account again for the SAME POST. They have told me not to publish it again and to contact their support. This comes after they apologised and accepted the evidence that the post was fine.


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  3. If you keep getting taken offline why not use a hosting company that allows freedom of speech? I use one and they have no problem with complains from corrupt firms and businesses. I’m not spamming just suggesting. It’s easy enough to set up a WordPress blog this way and you won’t get taken down or subject to complaints.

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