Bloggers vs A4e

Calling all bloggers!

Poverty pimps A4e seem to be intent on starting a cyberwar after now seemingly shutting down two blogs which were critical of their shady shenanigans.

We’d already mentioned that ‘Watching a4e‘ had been taken offline by freewebs. According to freewebs someone had alleged ‘dafamatory content, that someone seems alomst certain to have been A4e. We can now reveal it appears they haven’t stopped there in their bid to censor criticism on the internet.

New Deal Scandal
have had their wordpress account suspended after receiving the following notice on their dashboard:

“We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.”

According to New Deal Scandal they are now unable to post any new material on the blog and have received limited information so far as to why. WordPress have also made this post on the blog private. This post contains the information that in April of this year Neil Watson resigned from his directorship at A4e. The post can be found in the ever helpful google cache here.

Now this is all pretty tame stuff. Early indications suggest that A4e have contacted wordpress informing them that Neil Watson is still an employee of A4e. Nowhere in the offending piece does it say he isn’t, it merely points out his resignation taken from Company House Records as detailed here.

Several things seem possible. Perhaps Companies House records are wrong. Perhaps New Deal Scandal made up this rather trivial fact in the light of other more serious accusations aimed at A4e. Perhaps, somewhere, a mistake has been made.* UPDATE BELOW

Or perhaps, and most likely, A4e feel the noose tightening and have panicked, whereas wordpress have seemingly rolled over in the face of a corporate legal onslaught from a company already facing investigations of fraud.

Whatever the truth a worrying precedant is being set. If Neil Watson is still a director of A4e Ltd then a simple clairification from A4e to New Deal Scandal would not have gone amiss. From our dealings with the site they seem particularly consistent in establishing the truth before they post (even going so far as to hide potentially libellous comments) and it’s likely a retraction would have been published.

But that’s doesn’t seem to be what A4e did regardless of the truth of the matter. Much like in the case of Watching A4e, they appear to have snuck behind the backs of the bloggers to threaten the platform they published on. And so far both those platforms have backed corporate might rather than the bloggers, hacks and citizen journalists on which their empires are based.

Will this see any company with a hefty legal department able to close down criticism without debate or basic checks made to see if the information is true?

Folks the very future of what you all call the blogosphere could be in danger.

At present wordpress appear to be looking into it and New Deal Scandal appear to be attempting to glean information from wordpress as to exactly what A4e’s fucking problem is.

Perhaps the war profiteering poverty pimps are getting nervous with the prospect of that juicy Flexible New Deal contract looking ever more shaky.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this and posting new info as we receive it. In the meantime we call on all bloggers and associated internet itinerants to act in solidarity by posting information about this latest attempt to censor free speech and honest criticism on the internet.

Should this blog disappear then we’ll be back over at blogspot.

*here’s a screenshot taken from the records at Companies House



14 responses to “Bloggers vs A4e

  1. Stupid me. The evidence is displayed at: under Company 2… I even linked it through to the other post (which is now private for the time being)

  2. The source of the information relied on can’t be directly linked to it uses POST (like login systems) rather than GET (most websites i.e. index.php?page=3745) but is a reliable source. See the below how to guide:

    (1) Visit (Please Note: is a Government domain)
    (2) Type in “a4e ltd”(without quotes) in the Company Name box and press Search
    (3) A4e ltd will be highlighted yellow and you will need to click on the Company Registration number to view
    (4) To the right of the company summary you should see a link named “Order information on this company” – click it.
    (5) Under “Company Filing History” about second row down you should see “288b 20/04/2009 DIRECTOR RESIGNED NEIL WATSON”.

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  5. I’m sorry I’ve been useless on this Johnny.

    I hope it is all going your way

  6. It seems A4e are causing a stir at another blog post on New Deal Scandal.

    Site could be suspended again or worse.

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  8. Emma has decided to make her A4e website really pretty and girly – however , NONE of the posts I’ve made asking her for information have even been posted. She doesnt appear very ‘user friendly’, and seems to think that the police only ‘popped in ‘ for tea and a chat the other day – is she on some sort of SSRI for a mental health condition? Seems a bit unstable, withdrawing all that money from the company as a salary all in one go, and spending it all on erstatz saris for her Wilko Plus -decorated mansion house. Watch her try to blame a trainee for it !

  9. people who’ve been on these courses should all put in a DPA request to the DWP for ALL of the data they hold in connection with their time on the scheme – i’m sure many will find they have been put down as ‘placed in a job’ – when they’ve just been parked up in their office ‘miming’ office skills and/or sent back to the jobcentre.

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  11. Another communist allegedly!

    MPs want to hear about your A4e experiences – frauds encouraged?

    On BBC2 Newsnight (27th Feb, 2012), a former client claimed A4e advised her to lie to the Jobcentre (and hence break the law) in order to ‘try’ a job when Ms. Harrison was still at the helm. The client said she was refused full contractual details, so refused, as she ultimately intended to join the police force and wanted to obey statute – she was advised by A4e staff that she should simply ‘not tell the Jobcentre’ and try it for a week, as this was the A4e way of going about things. She refused. MP Margaret Hodges, who chairs a Parliamentary Committee on standards in public life said she would be interested in hearing about other allegations of fraud and irregularities from other clients. Her Email addresses are listed as House of Commons, ( and Constituency ). The staff involved appear to have been trained using a manual passed off as OK by Ms. Harrison.
    27 February 2012

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