Kollerstrom and Co Collapse

The troothers are currently tearing themselves to pieces on the ‘was the jews what done it’ forum.

After we spoke to Conway Hall about the upcoming event featuring holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom we were  accused of working for the MOD/MI5/MOSSAD. This was based on meticulous research by the intrepid Daniel Obachike.

With reptilian cunning Obachike has determined the scores of phone calls that Conway Hall received complaining about the event was actually a secret operation to prevent the truth of what happened on July 7th being spread to the eleven people who planned to attend.  This was further proved after the MOD infiltrated the left wing book shop Housmans who shocked everyone by also refusing to host a holocaust denier.

I think I speak for the whole team when I say I’m gutted.

What can we do but to come clean folks.  The four years of blogging here has all been a front, a vain attempt to establish cover for our true agenda – to cancel a small book launch by a minor holocaust denier.

With our mission over we’re off to our paymaster with the hope of a posting to a desk job in the Caribbean where we can drink gin and shoot natives and put this dirty little anarchist business behind us.

Relationships with top brass were already on thin ice after the internal MI5 expenses shake up.  Seems large amounts of ketamine and k cider are not appropriate expenses, even for a British Intelligence Officer.  Well most of those chaps don’t know what it’s like waking up under a truck in a muddy puddle with some crusty’s dog licking yer bollocks and feral site kids going through yer pockets.

The things I’ve done for this country.

We’ve put in an application for the good ol’ CIA where we hear the drugs are much better.  Our very own MK-Ultra sex slave is currently being programmed in a secret underground base in South Dakota.  Life is good.

So, so long, thanks, it’s been fab, but our target has been neutralized, the mission is over and it’s time to put our feet up.

for those who missed Kollerstrom and Obachike’s event, which eventually went ahead in a pub round the corner from Conway Hall, here’s a review from a 911 troother themselves.

It was farcical.

Everyone having paid £5 he led us around Holborn for a while, getting lost once before stopping at a closed down Thai restaurant which Daniel told the “crowd” (12-15 people including 4 of us by my count) the security services must have had shut down to stop his vital info getting out there. Locals said it had been closed for at least a week though.

Then he proceeded to take us to a loud bar on Kingsway which the manager told us was free to reserve an area in. So essentially he charged everyone a £5 (and no doubt had a refund from Conway Hall as well) to sit in a pub.

Despite this, he seemed to think he owned the place. His hired security man at one point tried to stop me going outside for a cigarette, asking Daniel if I had his permission to walk around freely in a pub. He continually walked up to me and anyone unfortunate enough to be chatting to me and put his camera in their face and took pictures of them, no doubt to put on his website and claim they are MOD too.

He refused to let anyone film the talk, which essentially consisted of him holding black and white photos taken off facebook of various members of We Are Change London and simply stating they were “MOD” and “selected” to destroy the “7/7 Truth movement”.

He didn’t demonstrate how he knew this, show any evidence for it, or explain exactly how the group is doing any damage. Any time anyone tried to make a counter point he just spoke over them. His facts were all over the place.”

From the 911forum.org.uk

6 responses to “Kollerstrom and Co Collapse

  1. *applause for field operative void*

  2. it was a tough job, but when Queen and country call…

  3. Fat Jesus & the psychotic disciples

    Could it all be the Lizards infiltrating J7T to throw Scooby Doo the Mystery Machine of the Jews scent?

    I guess we are overlooking the fact there may still be real MOD MI5 & MI6 knocking about in their NATO cardigans sucking NAAFI Werthers Originals (a conection with a false flag history all of its own!) and scheming against Truthseekers (dodgy bullshitters and mad fantasists)… topping up their pensions?

    And is Shayler being Jesus V2.0 any more ridiculous than v1.0?

  4. Heh good job! I tried to get an event at an independent movie theater shut down, by demonstrating the link between the producers of garbage film in question and Holocaust denial, but the theater proprietors wouldn’t budge – “times are tough” etc.

    Oh, and we do need to settle up the accounts. You folks owe CIA Accounts Receivable something like a millions pounds, given last month’s Slave Sex and Sacrifice Extravaganza out in Yosemite. We even comped the flights – so pay up!

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