Talking About Cannabis LOL!!!

“I am now no longer working with the registered charity Talking About Cannabis, whose name is now changing to differentiate it from the non-profit company that I still run.”

Debra Bell –

Well, we’ve left ’em alone for a while, a tactical retreat based on the fact we reckoned the bastards didn’t deserve the publicity.

And it seems they have finally imploded with mad mum Debra Bell presumably sacked retired to sponge off her husband’s salary once more.

So what’s to become of the charity Talking About Cannabis, who appear to have changed there name to Talking About Cannabis Ltd and are now a mouthpiece for schoolteacher Mary Brett to continue lying about cannabis to the kids.

As Debra Bell sinks back into well deserved obscurity we’ll be keeping an eye on Brett and co and finding out what they actually do.  The 24 hour helpline they boasted of running appears to have lasted about a month, and without a website to call their own we wonder how exactly they are advancing their noble mission: 


Having only registered in August of last year they are not yet required to have filed an annual statement to the Charity Commission explaining what they do and how they pay for it – but as soon as they do we’ll be bringing you all the details.

In the meantime, we’d like to say so long and thanks for all the giggles to mad old bat Debra Bell.

We’re off to skin up.


3 responses to “Talking About Cannabis LOL!!!

  1. Hi I’m loving this.

    I own the version but its for the use of cough cough dare i say it SMOKING THE WEED. If some one is intrested in taking it of my hands for some fun then I will be willing to sell it.

  2. Hi all

    We have had enough of all the bollocks that seems to have apeard on many sites saying how harmfull it is as well as the goverment and media.
    I reckon they dont have a clue.
    So lets get the real debate started on my site and see how many is for the use of cannabis.
    I am for the use, fantastic painkiller and send you of to sleep nicely on the night.

  3. Debra bell is a stupid small minded person . She talks and talks about how cannabis harms people, why does she not say anything about alcohol and tobacco ? if you watch her on youtube make sure you have a cannabis cigarette before you do its the funniest thing you will ever see . debra bell makes statements and has no evidence to back them up thats why she was SACKED from her job , she was causing alot of concern and panic to the public for her outragous claims about cannabis and using SKUNK cannabis everytime she was asked a question ,and relating cannabis to herion . it all started because her son is a liar and a thief and he was caught and mummy ( debra) was so embarresed she blamed cannabis . and she has made a fool of herself making up lies and propaganda to scare people . at the minute 30th sep 2010 she is going everywhere trying to sell her book of made up lies , even professor david nutt has sent her an email telling her to get her facts right or shut up . she put his email on her website but removed half of his words and only put online what she wanted people to see . this is a (housewife) debra bell telling a (professor) david nutt that he is wrong about cannabis and she is wright . how sad / stupid does that sound!!!! she has also took credit for cannabis oops sorry debra SKUNK cannabis being put back up to a class B drug when it was nothing to do with her . im surprised her son has not started using herion with a mum like that . she even says in her book how her son asked/ begged her to stop writing it because its was ruining his life and she openly says i refused . and tells of how she made her son homeless at 14 years old to sleep on the street alone for months ( WHAT A MUM IM GLAD SHES NOT MINE ) i say let her speak all she wants she has talked that much crap already people have caught on and shes now digging herself a deeper hole . she says cannabis harms kids but how can you protest how cannabis harms children when you make your own child homeless to sleep on the streets where he can get mugged /raped or worse. if you look online now all she is doing is trying to make money of her book, if you ask me shes just as bad as a drug dealer selling contaminated drugs, she is saying its ok for people to buy drugs of terriosts / gangs/ criminals . but its wrong for the goverment to sell non cantaminated drugs tax it and use the cash for the NHS reduce crime reduced prison space and a safer way to buy drugs the legal way, the safer way where kids cant get drugs untill there 21/25 . a dealer doesnt care what age you are if you have money you will get drugs . if its sold in special shops you WILL NOT get it without id thats the safest way to go . if you support debra bell read up or watch her on line you will soon change your mind about her .

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