The master race …

I know there’s far more important things going on, but this pic of crypto-fash, posh dimwits from the Libertarian Party who organised a 4 people strong counter demo at the G20 last week will make you giggle.


Be afraid folks …

4 responses to “The master race …

  1. Disturbing, if not terrifying.

  2. Jesus wept.

    Meanwhile, this will amuse you. I was recently in Berlin. And I got lost near Adenauerplatz; then I saw this white building with “Hotel Panorama” and “Panorama Bar” on it. Ah, plan. I’ll take her there this evening.


  3. I just can’t stop staring at them and giggling ^^

  4. I think that’s a picture of the members of Rush while they were in school.

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