Storm the Banks!

Financial Fools Day

Financial Fools Day


5 responses to “Storm the Banks!

  1. If you use violence on April 1st you`ll be falling into a trap.

  2. American Revolutionary

    If you choose to believe that by simply asking an oppressive capitalist gov to change their ways you, sir/ma’am are already in the trap.
    When a system fails, when it turns against the majority of its citizens, whether they are aware of it or not, it is the job of the vanguard, the ones who DO know, to take action and stand up for the people, the informed few, fighting for the uniformed masses. the vanguard, is the most essential part to any revolution, capitalism, oligarchy, despotism, oppression will never end just because a few thousand people go into the streets, scream and yell for a few hours , and then go home and assimilate back into the system they are fighting against… STORM THE BANKS, MAKE DEMANDS, DEFEND THE PEOPLE, ATTACK THE OVERSEER

  3. Its enirely up to those who show, whether you turn this into a “French Revolution” that ends in guillotines, or an American Revolution that ends in liberty and freedom, Its a play on themes but I think we all get the picture

  4. or an American Revolution that ends in liberty and freedom….

    for whom – robber ( cattle, oil, war ) barons?

  5. Personally i will be in attendance with my homemade Death Ray cunningly constructed from skip finds.

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