Plane Stupid – enough is enough

It was the fine folk’s of Scotland’s turn to put up with the desperate antics of Plane Stupid this morning.

They want direct action, we’ll give ’em some:

“I will turn the central heating up to full for 24 hours every time Plane Stupid stop working class people going on holiday but only if 10 other local people will do the same.”

Posh boys and girls Plane Stupid are doing irreparable damage to the credibility of the environmental movement with misguided actions like closing down airports.

Working class people going on holiday are not the problem, mass production capitalist economics is the problem. Until that’s addressed pathetic stunts like these alienate the wider public and only serve to make a few liberal poshos feel slightly less guilty for a while.

It’s time to take direct action against Plane Stupid and hit them where it hurts – by upping our carbon emmissions everytime one of their grinning, chinless faces crops up in the media.

Plane Stupid need to radically change tactics or plane disappear before we can seriously build a mass movement to address climate change and the cause of climate change …

… which is capitalism.

Therefore, even if it’s 30 degrees outside I will turn my heating up to full for 24 hours the next time Plane Stupid disrupt people’s holidays.”


3 responses to “Plane Stupid – enough is enough

  1. Aberdeen Airport is all business trips, you can’t get anywhere nice from it. They should’ve electrified the train line north of Edinburgh 20 years ago.

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  3. ha ha ha

    “2 people have signed up, 8 more needed”

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