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Images from Put People First

Attendance was disappointing, with the mass mobilisation of Trade Unions only pulling about 35,ooo people, although the Union Marching Bands and singing Italians were good value.

Arriving fashionably late we missed the Militant Workers Bloc, although all reports indicate a lively and strong presence with around 400 people marching with the Samba Band and holding red and black flags aloft.

At some point the march was split in two, leading to much confusion amongst the stragglers like ourselves who headed straight for Hyde Park where we waited in the rain, swigging lager and feeling slightly bemused.

I’d picked the march up initially on Whitehall, which was so free of porcine presence that a Jewish butcher would have felt at home.  With a building site occupying much of the street complete with paving slabs and large quantities of rubble it’s a shame really that the old bill bottled it after all their chat.  All mouth and trousers them coppers.

The police presence was much higher at the Anarchist Rally, where the speeches were inspiring for those that could hear ’em and hopefully represent the start of a new militancy in London, Wednesday should be very revealing about the true state of the movement.

Journos, including bizarrely Rogue Traders presenter Matt Allwright, gathered in the hope of sensationalist headlines, but the rain proved too much for many who sloped off down the boozer where they were watched over by the ever present FIT Team.

Elsewhere the cops made a lame and shameful attempt at a stitch up as Ian Bone reveals.

Here’s some pics.





You can never find a copper when you need one.


Although the rich must be protected at all costs.




The National Donut Eating Convention was also held that day.


Whilst these two were rightly ashamed to show their faces.


But we got ’em, anyway.


And then it rained, and no-one likes soggy pork.



Storm the Banks!

Financial Fools Day

Financial Fools Day

Plane Stupid – enough is enough

It was the fine folk’s of Scotland’s turn to put up with the desperate antics of Plane Stupid this morning.

They want direct action, we’ll give ’em some:

“I will turn the central heating up to full for 24 hours every time Plane Stupid stop working class people going on holiday but only if 10 other local people will do the same.”

Posh boys and girls Plane Stupid are doing irreparable damage to the credibility of the environmental movement with misguided actions like closing down airports.

Working class people going on holiday are not the problem, mass production capitalist economics is the problem. Until that’s addressed pathetic stunts like these alienate the wider public and only serve to make a few liberal poshos feel slightly less guilty for a while.

It’s time to take direct action against Plane Stupid and hit them where it hurts – by upping our carbon emmissions everytime one of their grinning, chinless faces crops up in the media.

Plane Stupid need to radically change tactics or plane disappear before we can seriously build a mass movement to address climate change and the cause of climate change …

… which is capitalism.

Therefore, even if it’s 30 degrees outside I will turn my heating up to full for 24 hours the next time Plane Stupid disrupt people’s holidays.”