No More Stokefest – Hackney Council are a bunch of cunts shock!

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“Clissold Park has a premises license permitting events with a maximum capacity of 15,000 people in one portion of the park. For years we’ve had to stick to extremely limited print marketing runs and media-feature blackouts in order to get permission from Hackney Council to run the event; this has made it extremely difficult for our producing partners to solicit sponsorship to pay for their areas. Additionally, Hackney Council’s Parks and Licensing Departments, alongside Hackney Police Licensing Department, has developed an outdoor events policy stating that any event over 3,000 capacity must be completely fenced in. This is not an altogether unreasonable policy in itself, and is only there in principle to negate any potential risks of having lots of us all having a great laugh in one place at the same time. Unfortunately we, as the organisers of Stokefest, cannot bring ourselves to organise a free community festival inside a great big steel box! It just doesn’t feel right. We feel sure that the atmosphere will change, the essence of what we all collectively had would be diluted, and our memories of the fun we had would be tainted by the security systems, ridiculous entry conditions and a general lack of freedom. “

Hackney Council Are A Bunch Of Cunts

… our time was then.


8 responses to “No More Stokefest – Hackney Council are a bunch of cunts shock!

  1. That’s a disaster. There’s nothing else for miles like Stokefest, and it’s free! Hackney council are truly shameless, and getting worse, and worse, and worse.

    We could, of course, protest this somehow…

  2. big shame! But last years was a bit of a nightmare I thought. Took us half an hour to leave cause so many people tried to squeeze over the bridge at the same time. My toddler son was actually scared. They didn’t let any more people in after we left. But maybe that was the councils doing anyway? Trying to regulate things but messing it up? I would have gone first thing this year to avoid the crowds and it is a big shame it’s over alltogether.

  3. oh and forgot to say, shame people can’t keep posts without using swear words. Don’t think thats how we get the council to be in our favour.

  4. anyone is up to star a petition emailing thing? sure we are still on time to gather a few thousands signatures.


  5. fuck off claudia

  6. i think i love you Beth

  7. This news upsets me greatly 😦

  8. One of the best festivals in London. There must be something we can do. After all Hackney Council is meant to be promoting culture and once we get something we all enjoy it gets crushed

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