the void is hibernating …

But thought we’d give a quick heads up on the latest hysteria from Talking (bollocks) About Cannabis.

Old trout Debra Bell is claiming that their phoneline for concerned parents will be launched on January 12th next year so as soon as the number is published we will duly distribute it far and wide around the internet so you can give them a call and let them know what you think.

In the meantime you can contact them here.

Debra and co are currently seeking funds for theur shonky organisation with the first priority being  “in particular we need our current voluntary Director to be paid”.

And the current voluntary director is, you guessed it, Debra Bell.  So give genorously folks in the knowledge that every penny you spend will go straight into the pocket of Debra Bell! With her husband a lowly Barrister help the impoverished Bells to beat the credit crunch this Christmas.

She really does need some more crystals if she’s going to save the world.

By the way William, if you are out there, and we won’t come looking, but we’re now pretty sure that you could have your dear old mum up in court under the Human Rights Convention “Right to a Private Life” and could also be in for a hefty sum in a libel action.

Meanwhile we’ll be challenging the Charity Commission’s claim that the information on their daft website is backed by experts – beginning with contacting Professor Robin Murray, cunningly and thoroughly dishonestly quoted on their website in a vain attempt to suggest that a leading Prof’ supports the unscientific drivel they continue to spout about cannabis.

So that’s us done, probably until the New Year, although Grumpy Old Anarchist may be making an appearance if we can get him out of bed.

ps anarchy may be breaking out in Iceland

pps the BNP are threatening various folk for linking to the original link of their membership list which Antifa have in a PDF file here.


2 responses to “the void is hibernating …

  1. Good you wouldn’t be missed with your nonsense

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