Soggy, limp greens

We’ve had our heating on all day in the void (and heating the void really burns some fuel) to demonstrate our contempt for the bunch of over-priviliged chinless wonders who gathered in Parliament Square yesterday.

Whilst most folk are worrying about putting food on the table the upper classes are intent on lecturing us on what we should be doing with what little money we’ve got left after they’ve stolen most of it.

Famous reformist traitors like Caroline Lucas of the too scared to be a tory Green Party and well known sell out Rosie Boycott were on hand to lecture the well to do crowd on how we should expect the Government to solve all our problems.

At one point the desire of the likes of Plane Wankers to take up a seat in the house all got too much and they ended up trying to break the door down.  Not content with the old staples of freemasonry, nepotism and bribery this lot think they can force their way into the House of Commons on the strength of a public school education and a few paper planes alone.

Shamefully they have been comparing this action to the Suffragettes, a group of women who died and bombed for their beliefs.  Whilst not anarchists at least the Suffragettes had some genuine fucking courage even if their goal was open to criticism.

Despite their costumes this lot aren’t fit to wear the Suffragettes panty-liners as they first asked for permission for this demonstration to be held and then demanded that the Government do something to save us from impending climate disaster.

That’s right folks, they asked the state’s permission to be allowed to ask the state to solve our problems.

If we are underwater in a hundred years it leaves us to wonder what people will think of this paper-plane throwing chinless set of Oxbridge Ned Flanders wannabes who seem far more concerned with getting their faces in the paper than addressing the underlying causes of environmental destruction.

But then it wouldn’t do to criticise capitalism would it, it might affect the trust fund after all.

The Land is Ours!

(well my parent’s actually)


4 responses to “Soggy, limp greens

  1. you know the whole anniversary of the suffregete thang was lost on me… what the fuck had that to do with climate? though i did watch the news with the hope that the whole bunch of rah rah fuckers chucked themselves under a police horse.

  2. Had my heating on for a couple of days, too. Thousands of mushrooms to dry out!


  3. According to the Ham&High, Rosie fluffed her lines and declared she was fighting for climate change..

  4. perhaps shes taken up smoking green again

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