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Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism!

We won’t be taking the 5 year old to dance on the grave of capitalism just yet, but this does look promising.  Meet at Goldsmith’s University to head down with the Student Anarchists or head straight to 25 Bank Street, Canary Wharf (outside Lehman Brothwers) for 5pm.  More info at

And here’s a shameless plug: to find out about more free stuff happening this weekend head over to


Daily Telegraph Plugs Holocaust Denier!

Now far be it for us to call the Daily Telegraph a bunch of dodgy old nazis but it seems like they’re finally coming out of the closet and showing their true colours.

Although it seems to be gardening boots rather than jackboots that this bunch of doddering tories will be wearing.

The Telegraph website today features an article on the joys of gardening in line with the cycles of the moon.  Like good little Himmlers it seems they like a bit of hippy new age nonsense to go with the gas chambers.  The story itself is basically a harmless enough piece of nuttiness, something for the wife to natter about as she has her blue rinse touched up before shagging the gardener.

But who should crop up at the end but holocaust denier extraodinaire and all round fruitloop Dr Nick Kollerstrom. The Torygraph plugs his daft book and website about ‘moon gardening’ at the end of the piece.

For those not in the know, this is the man who claimed that Auschwitz was like a holiday camp and that the gas chambers were a ‘legend’.

Next week in the Torygraph read Nick Griffen’s guide to windows boxes follwed a new series on pest control by green fingered David Irving.

Soggy, limp greens

We’ve had our heating on all day in the void (and heating the void really burns some fuel) to demonstrate our contempt for the bunch of over-priviliged chinless wonders who gathered in Parliament Square yesterday.

Whilst most folk are worrying about putting food on the table the upper classes are intent on lecturing us on what we should be doing with what little money we’ve got left after they’ve stolen most of it.

Famous reformist traitors like Caroline Lucas of the too scared to be a tory Green Party and well known sell out Rosie Boycott were on hand to lecture the well to do crowd on how we should expect the Government to solve all our problems.

At one point the desire of the likes of Plane Wankers to take up a seat in the house all got too much and they ended up trying to break the door down.  Not content with the old staples of freemasonry, nepotism and bribery this lot think they can force their way into the House of Commons on the strength of a public school education and a few paper planes alone.

Shamefully they have been comparing this action to the Suffragettes, a group of women who died and bombed for their beliefs.  Whilst not anarchists at least the Suffragettes had some genuine fucking courage even if their goal was open to criticism.

Despite their costumes this lot aren’t fit to wear the Suffragettes panty-liners as they first asked for permission for this demonstration to be held and then demanded that the Government do something to save us from impending climate disaster.

That’s right folks, they asked the state’s permission to be allowed to ask the state to solve our problems.

If we are underwater in a hundred years it leaves us to wonder what people will think of this paper-plane throwing chinless set of Oxbridge Ned Flanders wannabes who seem far more concerned with getting their faces in the paper than addressing the underlying causes of environmental destruction.

But then it wouldn’t do to criticise capitalism would it, it might affect the trust fund after all.

The Land is Ours!

(well my parent’s actually)

Government Set to Nationalise Banks

Freedom not Fear!

An international day of action has been called against the ever encroaching surveillance by Governments and businesses.

Assemble with Jazz at New Scotland Yard 1pm. Music, noise, communiques, speeches and food sharing followed by march. and

On a similiar note tonight sees a beneFIT for those arrested in July’s Freedom of Movement demo.  Head to Ramparts and take a fiver.

More events this weekend at

I pledge to knock Out Jamie Oliver …

if he comes to my community and starts patronising me and telling me how to feed my kids but only if 10 other local people will do the same.

Soft, Southern, bastard Jamie Oliver wants to watch himself if he’s truly intent on leaving the cosy suburbs of West London to start lecturing us on our eating habits.  Watching his patronising and embarrassing faux working class nonsense is more than a little sickening.

But not as sickening as his casual attitude to the real problems faced by the people he is attempting to humiliate into following his latest self-publicity stunt.  Ignoring the fact that most people can’t afford fresh basil and virgin olive oil Jamie appears to be attempting to make people feel guilty for not being able to afford the same kind of self-indulgence that a mutli-millionaire, chinless tosspot like him can.

Don’t get us wrong – we support good food in the void.  We’d like everyone to have access to good quality, locally produced food and the time and energy to prepare it.  But frankly under the current economic system that ain’t likely.  The reality is shagged out parents making do on what they can on Tescos blue and white food and we don’t see that changing just because some middle class cunt attempts to try and shame us on TV.

So that’s why we’ve set up a pledge (whcih admittedly might not last long), stay out of our neighbourhood Jamie, or it’ll be a bunch of fives rather than a bunch of asparagus you’ll be greeted with.

(the void like’s Bone’s idea for mass haggling, although we’re more inclined to say – just nick it)