Ugly mob descends on Carnival

Gangs of armed thugs descended on Notting Hill Carnival at the weekend with the sole intent of causing trouble. Some carried batons and CS Gas as they attacked and harrassed revellers throughout the day. Others used dogs bred for violence and built makeshift military style watchtowers to launch attacks on the public.

Most wore distinctive clothing fuelling fears that they may be some kind of street gang. Some even had helmets in an attempt to conceal their indentity.

One Carnival goer told us:

“Throughout the day gangs of armed men wandered the streets looking for trouble. I saw countless people wrestled to the ground, searched and verbally harrassed by these groups who seemed hellbent on ruining the event for ordinary Londoners. Several people had drugs stolen, were injured or in some cases beaten and thrown into the back of vans by snarling, vicious thugs.”

Later in the day several people attempted to drive these gangs off the streets which resulted in running battles. Over 300 people have been reported missing with several believed to be injured.

In a seperate incident a breakway sect of gang-members staged a mass kidnap of almost 200 teenagers in Oval, South London. Young people were dragged to the ground and detained for the duration of Notting Hill Carnival.

It’s feared that several of these crimes may have a racial motive however a spate of incidents involving the bullying, harrassment and assault of young, working class people from all ethnic groups has led some to call for outright revolt on the streets of London.

Below, one of the vicious thugs with his identity concealed and wearing known ‘gang colours’


3 responses to “Ugly mob descends on Carnival

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – what is it with Tory administrations and mass violence?

  2. the way that police harrassment and stop and search is becoming routine in London means this is only likely to be the beginning

  3. Quick Stat’ from radio 4 last week can’t remember which programme or which day, really helpful eh?, probably you and yours, Oh hang on found a copy of thursdays news paper,
    The Investigation, R.4 8.00pm, 28-08-08 if you want to look it up on iplayer on summink

    Oh yeah the Stat- apparently 96% of stop and search results in nothing, oh and a copper on the programme reckond that kids actually like to be searched because ‘It makes them feel safer?’ …Thats a bit too wierd for me to take in i’m afraid

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