Back in the USSR!

Grumpy Old Anarchist writes:

If there was a Olympic gold for being a dick then Saakashvili, boss of former Georgia, would have walked away with it by a lap and a half.

A week ago Saakasvilli invades Russia with a few of his hundred or so tanks and two dozen jet fighters. Russia’s first strike should have been enough to send him scurrying for a comfy place of exile.  Ivan took out the entire national communications structure:- port, principle road and rail junctions and all the airports except the capital.

Even if Saakasvilli had not heard about the Soviet invasion through Prague International Airport in August 1968, he might just have heard of Napoleon or Hitler; but alas no. Faster than the speed of news agencies, an overwhelmingly successful attack had destroyed the fragile State of Georgia.

The Soviet advance out of the “pockets” that our media had delegated to them confirmed that the USSR, Europe’s tourists in tanks, were back.  This despite the US happy-ending scenario, in which the Evil Empire lost.

Clearly China, not the USA is Russia’s most pressing threat. If it were otherwise this operation would have been staged during the US elections when America not China was in check.

Events are the raw material of realities.  From realities facts are selected.   Socialist War is a contest of realities.  Once Saakasvilli had fallen into the meticulously prepared Soviet illusion-provocation-trap the war was over.

Defeat in Afghanistan does not seem to have damaged Russian military doctrine in the way Vietnam has deprived the USA of the ability to wage war.

Men of the Match:- The Russian air/ground teams bombing display, up close to, but not quite on the oil-pipe. An idea that did not seem to have occurred to the Georgians.

Paul Robeson sings. Marshal Zukhov rides by on a white charger and Stalin can’t stop talking.


11 responses to “Back in the USSR!

  1. Making clear in a perfect world we’ll find a perfect solution, I shall continue!

    If Russia cleared out now, the Georgians would be ‘free’ to finish the slaughter and completely wipe out Schivingalli from the face of the earth as they tried to do last Thursday. They killed many thousands of people who wish to be free from their ‘owners’. Many more fled into North Ossetia.

    This is about the Imperialist control of oil (cliches are cliches because they are true). Georgia wouldn’t have done a thing without a nod and a wink from the oilmen in Washington, and I think everything is going to plan. Georgia is being used by them, (“Bend over babe. Yeah, yeah, of course I love you”). As Rice and Gates have made clear, this has set the agenda for the next decade or two.

    I’m not really a Russophile, although many great Marxists have been from the old Union. But, with the lack of a perfect world, then Russia provides the overall counterbalance to the ‘West’. If no one stands up to ‘us’, then it’s Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo forever.

    PEACE from DARZIT.

    (I came here to offer something to your previous post, but now I’ll just leave this about the absurdities of over-production;

  2. The problem is the dominance of mass production.
    The solution is restraint.
    Mass restraint, individual restraint.

  3. Excess and hedonism are like a drug. I subscribe to the theory of ‘the aristocracy of labour.’

    There are classes in this land of the first world, but the sad truth is that there is no proletariat as Marx et al knew. (Made in China/Indonesia! Yet we’re the rich bastards). And of course, that’s why our message is detested; we want production for use, and not production as commodities. We want money as value and work done and not the conjuring trick of perpetual debt performed by the bankers. We want to turn it all upside down. We want to wean them off their excess, commodities, paper money and the exploitation they need to exist.

    As you say, the individual would have to go through something comparable to a religious conversion. But, with resource wars, a shrinking world and all that modern communications bring, the horrors of imperialism cannot be hidden as they were in the past. These fairy tales we were told at school about the sacrifices of our soldiers and great victories, heroes and ruling the waves, are the third world’s history of invasion, plunder and (wage)slavery. But now the whole world sees it unfold before their eyes ‘live’, or the bloggers give them what the capitalist media keeps from them. They are watching and learning, but will they see their own hedonism and free riding, or will they see a slave, a profit and property? Is their drug a human right or is it another man’s sweat and blood, heritage and lack of rights? Can our ‘working class’ avoid the bargain mentality which is in fact the theft from the world’s true proletariat? Will they ever care, or will they continue to see themselves within a ‘natural order of things?’

    This is a long process of enlightenment, with a sudden conversion called a revolution. Revolutions are our evolution.This is the story of the history of man! We’re in it for the long haul, comrade. Tough at the top, innit? 😉

  4. Dear Comrade, thank you for your comment.
    We have, will ye nil he entered into our own evolution viz. opposable thumb, language, McDonalds etc.
    Now we have to continuously enter into our evolutionary destiny. Whether we like it or not every decision is a political decision. Every choice is the forging of destiny. I do not think this matter has been adequately discussed but surely it requires profound changes to the means , motives and methods of production.(capital).

  5. roll on…. (Got 1&2, but keep re-reading 1. )

    (Great ‘blog. Big ‘yourselves up’) Friday 😉

  6. Thanks yours.
    When you write “1&2” in your last post what are you refering to?

  7. ‘(Capital Volumes 1&2)’

  8. I want to go to Leningrad for a week, got any English speaking Comrades there?

  9. Most speak it better than we do.
    (ARE you taking the piss)?
    Not a member of any party (anymore). TOO crazy.
    St. Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad-St.Petersburg!
    History moves on!

  10. thanks yrs.

    No I am not taking the piss. People say I am a bit autistic; I just do not understand irony and sarcasm. I am told that this can be painfull to the ironic. Too bloody bad.

    I prefer to say Leningrad, it was Leningrad that fought the seige.Also Leningrad is the county in which Piet is located.

    The reason I asked you is that you are an educated Marxist and might just have a clearer idea of what is going on there than I do.

    I want to visit the Hermitage but I will get sad spending a week on my own.(My funds do not run to them 5 kopec fancy whores that I see so much about!) I just wondered if you had any knoledge of the state of the party as it is such a dogs dinner and I doubt I will get any usefull tips from my local Tory HQ!

    I might get in touch with TASS if they still exist. I guess I am a journalist of a sort.
    all the best

  11. Enough water under the bridge to put this here? I wont be offended if it disappears!

    This is not selective: we oppose all wars, and have done so from World War 1 to Gulf War 2. Our opposition has a simple basis: war is fought over issues of interest to employers, landlords and bosses – the capitalist class, in short – while it is workers, in uniform or civilian clothing, who are the cannon-fodder. The overwhelming majority, the members of the global working class – whether from Georgia (Caucasus) or Georgia (USA), have no interests at stake worth shedding a drop of blood over.

    The Cold War re-heats

    According to Clausewitz, the oft-quoted 19th century general and military strategist, war is “the continuation of policy by other means.” The recent brief – if brutal – conflict in the Caucasus is yet another example of the everyday nature of capitalism continuing by other means.

    The conflict in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which appears to have claimed thousands of lives has been a rare eruption, exposing the tectonic-like political and economic pressures shifting below the surface.

    These recent events have been a wake-up call to those still deluded into thinking that the ending of the cold war (which was never an ideological battleground anyway) would mean an end to stand-offs between superpowers, with the ultimate potential for World War 3.

    The Cold War has just been re-heated then: but this time round the battle-lines are clearly not drawn on grounds of some supposed ideological differences. There are no great ideological or moral issues at stake here. The protagonists (US and Russia) and their allies are simply rival capitalist economies, eager to secure strategic advantage, access to resources and regional influence.

    In particular, in attempting to diversify its oil sourcing away from troublesome regions such as the Middle East, the US is relying on a new pipeline via Georgia which taps into relatively secure sources in Central Asia while avoiding Russian territory.

    There are other considerations however. The failure of the centralised command economy version of capitalism as practised by the Soviet Union till its demise almost 20 years ago did not end the cold war, it merely changed the front. As the economic and political basis for the Warsaw Pact crumbled, the regional military pact NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) has been expanding far beyond its original “north Atlantic” scope, with the states of the former Soviet Union strategically-attractive targets of its recent recruitment drive, as it expands its sphere of influence.

    Military conflict is an unavoidable consequence of the everyday conflict of property society. In capitalism all productive resources – most explicitly oil production and distribution – have to be owned and controlled by someone. Modern warfare – with all the waste, devastation and atrocities it brings in its wake – is a problem of capitalism. In contrast, in a moneyless, wageless, classless and stateless socialist society no-one will own any productive resource to the exclusion of anyone else. There will be no laws, rules or coercive forces to administer or police such monopolisation.

    The World Socialist Movement is unique as a political movement in clearly and consistently expressing its opposition to war throughout the last hundred years. This is not selective: we oppose all wars, and have done so from World War 1 to Gulf War 2. Our opposition has a simple basis: war is fought over issues of interest to employers, landlords and bosses – the capitalist class, in short – while it is workers, in uniform or civilian clothing, who are the cannon-fodder. The overwhelming majority, the members of the global working class – whether from Georgia (Caucasus) or Georgia (USA), have no interests at stake worth shedding a drop of blood over.

    Introducing the Socialist Party

    The Socialist Party is like no other political party in Britain. It is made up of people who have joined together because we want to get rid of the profit system and establish real socialism.

    Our aim is to persuade others to become socialist and act for themselves, organising democratically and without leaders, to bring about the kind of society that we are advocating in this journal.

    We are solely concerned with building a movement of socialists for socialism.
    We are not a reformist party with a programme of policies to patch up capitalism.

    We use every possible opportunity to make new socialists. We publish pamphlets and books, as well as CDs, DVDs and various other informative material.

    We also give talks and take part in debates; attend rallies, meetings and demos; run educational conferences; host internet discussion forums, make films presenting our ideas, and contest elections when practical. Socialist literature is available in Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish as well as English.

    The more of you who join the Socialist Party the more we will be able to get our ideas across, the more experiences we will be able to draw on and greater will be the new ideas for building the movement which you will be able to bring us.

    The Socialist Party is an organisation of equals. There is no leader and there are no followers.

    So, if you are going to join we want you to be sure that you agree fully with what we stand for and that we are satisfied that you understand the case for socialism.

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