For God’s Sake Cease and Desist

A religious war has broken out on the internet after Christian cartoon blogger Dave Walker was critical of the Saint Stephen the Great Trust over their recent take-over of SPCK bookshops.

Now we’d normally say send in the lions and let them sort it out but in this case poor old Dave deserves a bit of support. The SPCK are a legitimate target chain of Christian bookshops who specialise in works of fiction about some dead people with beards.  What is of interest is that they were recently taken over by the aforementioned St Stephen Trust and appear to have been driven into the ground.

The St Stephen Trust are a bunch of Texan evangelist bastards run by one J Mark Brewer who had planned to save the failing SPCK and send the Lord’s own word to the unwashed hordes of the UK.  Unfortunately, like Jesus, they were ultimately made of fail and stores are now closing across the country  (religion, it’s over folks, deal with it).

Dave Walker had included tales of appalling labour practices on his blog as well as the now, much reported news, that one former bookshop manager has taken his own life.  This right narked off the Texan upstarts who last week issued a cease and desist order demanding that 75 posts be removed from his blog.  Being the meek type Dave complied although the posts lived on in the notorious google cache for a while.

We haven’t read them, but trust the likes of Bishop Alan because Christian types tend to be honest enough folks except when it comes to the really important stuff like evolution.  In any event we don’t really care what the truth is and just thought we’d join in the ruck to call the Saint Stephen the Great Trust a bunch of bullying cunts who are unlikely to enter the Kingdon of Heaven any time soon.

Always ready to jump on any old bandwagon several UK bloggers have now launched a spartacus style action by publishing posts in support of Dave.  And we’re happy to join in, because this isn’t just a bunch of sky-pixie worshippers falling out.

This is an employer using bullying tactics and legal threats in an attempt to censor criticism of poor employment practices.  And that’s a purely heathen issue.

6 responses to “For God’s Sake Cease and Desist

  1. I’m not claiming that you are spot on in all the dots and tittles, but I love the vigour….

    As you say Bishop Alan has the facts about right.

    Thanks for posting.

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  3. I got one of Mr Brewer’s C&D’s too. Thanks for the support.

  4. By the way, people like Bishop Alan, are unlikely to lie about evolution, as well. Most Anglicans accept evolution. It is not a show stopper. In fact, if you read the latest Pew research, Gallup and Harris polls, you will see that the majority (yes majority) of Christians accept evolution. Otherwise your post was right on. Thanks for the support.

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