A Message to Gordon Brown

Now we’d always thought that Brown was quite popular in Glagow but after last night’s election disaster we’re only too pleased to run this pic, yet again, giving him a suggestion of what he could do to save his Government.  We’re just planting seeds.

And whilst we’d rather see the whole fucking lot of ’em up against the wall we do have one piece of advice for poor old Gordon.

Do what you were (never) elected to do.  Be brave, be a socialist.  Tax the rich fuckers who got us into this mess till they fucking bleed.

Then spend the money on raising public sector pay, benefits, pensions and tax credit.  Spend the next three years ensuring everyone who needs it has access to affordable social housing.  Renationlise the utilities companies.  End the creeping privatisation of schools and the NHS.  Raise, if not double, the minimum wage.

Stop punitive tax on fuel and booze and impose punitive tax on hedge fund managers, city boys and Corporate CEOs.  Seize the land from the aristocracy and give it back to the people.  Abolish the monarchy and re-instate the student grant.  End the policy of endless war and stop being a puppet state of the US.  Abandon the Trident replacement and use the money to fund research into renewable energy.

Repeal the countless assaults on civil liberties and forget about ID cards.  Stop subsidising the arms trade.  Tax private education and give the money to the education system, and most importantly, allow teachers and communities control of how that money’s spent.

Force down rail prices or renationlise the bastards.  Support local pubs and repeal the smoking ban.  Work with the Unions and communities to ensure a fair and decent quality of life for all in this society, and for once in your useless life prioritise the working class and forget sucking up to the middle class wankers you’re surrounded by.  Kick business out of government and tell high flying chinless wonders, not refugees,  to fuck off somewhere else if they don’t like it here.

Be brave Gordon, be a socialist.  Be a Labour Prime Minister and go down in history.

It won’t stop the likes of us trying to smash the state completely and it might not stop the Tories winning the next general election.  But they’ll have a hell of a time undoing the changes you’ve made.


One response to “A Message to Gordon Brown

  1. Fantastic post. Agree completely.

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