Asda in corporate lying bastards shock

Pictured above is the ASDA 3-a-day bus at last weekend’s Lambeth Country Fair.    ASDA, alongside those notorious experts in childhood nutrition, Cheestrings and Kraft, have been touring the country telling parents that their children must eat three portions of dairy a day.

An outraged hard-working parent writes:

Shamelessly cashing in on the Government’s five a day fruit and veg dictat ASDA claim that kids must have a portion of yogurt, a piece of cheese and a glass of milk every day to stay strong and healthy

This is a complete and utter fucking lie.  Beside a couple of vitamins easily available elsewhere, milk is a one trick pony.  All it really contains alongside sugar and fat is a bit of Calcium and the benefits of this are unclear.  According to the Guardian:

“A study funded by the US National Dairy Council, for example, gave a group of postmenopausal women three 8oz glasses of skimmed milk a day for two years, then compared their bones with those of a control group of women not given the milk. The dairy group consumed 1,400mg of calcium a day, yet lost bone at twice the rate of the control group.”

It’s been suggested that over-consumption of animal proteins (like milk) makes excessive demands on the kidneys, which in turn leach calcium from the body.  Seen as this is the only real claim to health that milk has this isn’t good news for the Dairy Industry.

If you don’t eat fruit and veg eventually you’ll get scurvy and die.  If you eat too much you’ll probably just fart a lot.  This isn’t the case with dairy, whilst cutting it from a balanced diet completely will not have any health risks, if you eat too much then you’ll become obese and probably die.

Especially if you follow ASDA’ advice.

Health advisers warn that 7-10 year olds should not have more than 16 g of sugar in any one meal.  An  ASDA Organics Low Fat Apple and Blackberry Yogurt (sounds healthy) contains almost 13 grams of sugar per portion.  Alongside the 5g of sugar in a 100ml glass of milk, which ASDA suggest to drink throughout the day, this would push kids over the daily recommended amount.

If you fancied giving the kids a treat then an ASDA Extra Special Yogurt Lemon Curd Yogurt contains 20.9g of sugar.  Even ASDA’s plain Organics range yogurt contains half the mealtime guideline for sugar.

As for the likes of Kraft and Cheestrings plugging their dodgy products on the back of good nutrition, the idea that eating high salt and saturated fat garbage in the hope of sniffing out a bit of calcium amongst the over-produced junk is a big fat porky.

It’s a bit like squeezing an orange over a glass of Special Brew and telling kids it will do ’em good.

Most of the world don’t rely on processed cow’s mucus to feed their kids.  In fact lactose intolerance is as high as 50% in some ethnic groups.  Is ASDA saying that East Asians or Hassidic Jews somehow have unhealthy cultures?

In 1965, investigators at Johns Hopkins found that 15% of all the white people and almost three-quarters of all the black people they tested were unable to digest lactose. Many more people in the world are unable than able to digest lactose including includes most Thais, Japanese, Arabs and Ashkenazi Jews, and 50% of Indians.

Should they be slurping the stuff down anyway to satisfy ASDA’s shareholders?

Nutrition is not an exact science and it seems that we’re told one thing one day and something completely opposite the next.  But what is sure is that Dairy is not an essential part of a healthy diet, and probably is quite the opposite.

For the likes of ASDA (which stands for Associated Dairies in case you didn’t know) to use confusion over nutrition to flog their hormone laced, high fat junk to kids is shameful, irresponsible and quite possibly illegal.


One response to “Asda in corporate lying bastards shock

  1. Here here.
    Capitalistic corporations don’t give a shit about you, only your money, which without you wouldn’t exist. So they’re not trying to kill you, just pacify you as some obese fool.

    Oh hey America.

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