Boris’ bite can’t match his bark

The Glorious People’s Rebublic of Croydon are set to be the testing ground for the new dictat to eminate from City Hall. So called libertarian, Boris Johnson, is to continue his authoritarian tyranny by banning sales of alcohol to those under 21.

Alongside with the rulebook on stop and search being thrown out the window and banning booze on the tube this is the chinless one stepping outside of his remit once again. Boris shows the Tories up for what they really are, a power hungry clique of toffs desperate to establish their own little fiefdoms.

They talk of small Government right up until they are Government, when it all gets too much and their natural dictatorial nature takes hold.  Boris is turning out to be a fine example of this.

The Mayor’s office is largely to do with finance and planning; that and to be a public figure to represent the city. Since Boris can scarcely be allowed out in public he’s failed miserably at that.

And as for planning and budget control, well apart from the odd bung to his pals in Porsche and making sure the chaps are looked after, it’s all a bit boring for Boris. He’d far rather be larging it up touting some new law, the Great Leader on high delivering his latest string of petty rules to govern the inner-city hordes.

Fortunately his powers don’t extend to personally deciding the law of the land on a personal whim. Therefore none of these things actually are laws. You can’t be prosecuted for drinking on the Tube, just asked to leave. And of course it doesn’t apply to the overground lines because it wouldn’t do to upset the Claret-slurpers in First Class.

As for the rise in stop and search encouraged by Boris, we can only presume most of these searches are illegal, or on the edge of legality. It doesn’t require much encouragement for the London Met to act like a bunch of crooks but the sus-laws are not back no matter what Boris might like to think.

If the Police have reasonable suspician that someone is carrying a weapon or drugs then they will stop them. If they haven’t been doing that then they haven’t been doing their jobs. So calling for a rise in stop and search is either ackowledging that or asking the old bill to act illegally, which they quite like.

As for banning alcohol sales to under 21 year olds, this is not a law either. This is simply a voluntary scheme which local off-licences can sign up to and then completely ignore. Which they will.

This all represents the true nature of Cameron’s Conservative Party. Brash and authoritarian by nature, but flimsy, crooked and vague in practice.

Luckily Boris hasn’t got enough time to implement a five year plan.


One response to “Boris’ bite can’t match his bark

  1. Give me Mao and Stalin any day. They knew how to get what we all want. They had the historical perspective. X

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