Jobs for the boys in Iraq

7 faculty members have resigned from Kurdistan University Hawler (KUH) after ex-top brass Lt Gen Robin Brims was appointed the new Rector.

The English-medium university was founded in 2006 with funding from the Kurdistan Regional Government with distinguished academic Professor Abbas Vali appointed as Rector. His reputation persuaded many Kurdish and English-speaking academics to work at the University.

The reason for the change of leadership is unclear according to the English Language Gazette who broke the story. The mystery is why on earth a man with no academic credentials has been placed in charge of a flagship educational institution.

Brims did not even attend University which raises further questions as to why the Kurdistan Regional Government appointed him to the role. He is however well known in Iraq as the man who led the inavasion of Basra, back in the glory days when it looked like the allied troops were winning. So having reduced the country to rubble it now seems that the Officer classes are helping themselves to the plum jobs.

At the time of the Basra invasion Brims said:

“If you think that it was only eight, nine days ago that the reception that we got here was a hail of bullets and rocket attacks. We now come here on our feet, we talk to the people. The reception has been excellent everywhere I’ve been.”

So confident was he that he found time to lecture the English Cricket Team on how to win a test match.
England later lost the match.

Brims does not appear to have commented on the events of last year when the British scarpered out of Basra as quick as their flimsy Personnel Carriers could carry them.

So presumably he has not been appointed for his impeccable foresight. Or his leadership skills for that matter; Brims was almost forced to resign after facing a vote of no confidence over his surrender of the Light Infantary’s name in 2005.

Perhaps, as the above pic shows, it’s friends in high places that really help in Iraq these days.

Rumours that Stormin’ Norman is set to take over the country’s Primary Schools have yet to be confirmed.


2 responses to “Jobs for the boys in Iraq

  1. I don’t think I have ever read so much rubbish in my life!!

    You sound like you have a personal vendetta and your blog is littered with massive inaccuracies!

    Maybe you should attend the university in Kurdistan, you may learn a thing or two…?

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