Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail – update

Just a quickie, but worth a mention, that the cop accused of being an agent provocateur by George Galloway is denying everything and seeking legal advice.

“It wasn’t me, I’m taking legal advice.”

Of course he would say that wouldn’t he.

We’re loving it at the void because this one’s a winner either way. Either Inspector Chris Dreyfus was at the demo encouraging people to ‘kill the pigs’, which would be a giggle and doubtless see a copper forced to fall on his pork sword.

Or Galloway will be exposed as the lying, manipulative bastard that he is. Which would also be a bit of a giggle and not before time. We’ll keep you posted.

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail – Part 2

3 responses to “Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail – update

  1. Galloway is apparantley about to issue an apology

  2. It is now 11 months later, and Galloway’s accusation against Dreyfus and the police is still on the Respect web-site at

    I think we can assume that what Galloway claimed was true, otherwise Dreyfus would almost certainly have sued him. The police are said to have extensive video of the event, so (in this case only!) a negative can be proved.

    Why has Galloway not pressed for a private prosecution against Dreyfus? I think that’s understandable too, his prime witness works for the Daily Mail and has been black-mailed into retracting the story. There’s no very obvious benefit to Galloway from success. Most seriously, a prosecution would require a lot of video evidence (likely not available?) and at least 10 members of a jury prepared to say “the clips definitely show the same man”, which is fairly problematical.

    Since this event, of course, we’ve seen even more damning video of a much more serious offense, the murder of Ian Tomlinson (unprovoked attack leading to death, as best I know). Followed by an unsuccessful attempt at a cover-up by the medical professionals!

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