Defence chiefs large it up whilst soldiers die

New figures reveal that Defence chiefs have spent £730 million on meals, hotels and taxis whilst on the front line troops are denied vital life saving equipment. This figure includes £800,000 spent on servants for blue-blooded civil servants who fly first class and enjoy the finest luxury on offer whilst working class folk die from being transported around war zones in fucking Land Rovers.

We may not like these wars, we may not agree with the wholesale slaughter of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of civillians in endless wars to help the rich stay rich. That doesn’t mean that every death on the frontline from any side isn’t a tragedy, and in the UK often the result of people being suckered into signing up at an age when they’re not even eligible to vote.

Meanwhile the ruling class, just like they always did, live a life of luxury whilst the working classes die in their name.

To call for mutiny is seditious so we won’t.


One response to “Defence chiefs large it up whilst soldiers die

  1. Unfortunately this is the press getting it wrong. £471m of this cash was spent transporting vehicles/weapons etc out to theatre, Iraq and Afghasnistan (comes under the same budget) and the remainder includes expenses (travel/hotels etc) for forces personnel under their scheme as well as for the MOD and Civil Service.

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